I love how many people sleep in the library.  It always makes me feel better that:

1) I’m not the only person who fights drowsiness when I study
2) I am able to keep awake as long as I do when all around me are the shut eyes of weary students

As I walk through the library intent on scavenging for food in the
lecture rooms or returning the borrowed laptop so I can renew it again
before I am smacked with a “lost” fine of $10, I see the result of
years of hard-core study as heads lay on crossed arms, chair arms and
desks; sometimes curled up between two armchairs, sometimes hunched
over in cubicles and every once in a while resting on the cubicle wall.

Everytime I see someone with their head down on a table I think of the
image in my Micro-Econ class demonstrating the concept of opportunity
cost.  I thought it was hilarious then and I still find the
humourous now.  Ah, life.  And it’s only the 5th day of
January, technically the 3rd day of classes for the spring semester.

I went over the rest of the questions from my last exam yesterday and
did another one today with a 70% score.  Granted, I created a test
of both unused and incorrect questions so I knew some of them from
studying before but hey, that means I actually learned something from
them!  It’s the listening to the tapes that’s the hardest
part.  I could do questions for a while, but listening to the
tapes fills me with some dread.  It just seems boring and

I’m loving the borrowing policy for laptops here.  I can hide out
in the second floor section of the health sciences library and be
relatively anonymous.  I don’t particularly care to see other
fourth-years b/c it reminds me of the fact that I am studying for Step
II.  Oh well.  Life’s walk hunh?


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