Samurai Pink-hai!

If only I had a camera cellphone!

This is one of those moments that should be a commercial for Verizon to use to get people to buy their cell phones.

As usual, I’m hunkered down in my position at one of the long tables in
the back of the library, staring at a question about bronchospasm and
not really caring b/c I hate learning about asthma treatments in all
their unglorious permutations when I hear the sound of velcro being
un-velcroed. Looking up across my table to the Far East Asian girl
sitting at the other table across from me, I have to smile.  She is bespectacled,
clad in yellow sweater and matching plaid skirt with ear phones plugged
in both ears.  This in and of itself is not worth having a camera
cell phone; but what IS is the light pink headscarf thingy that she has
wrapped around her head, and the vertical six inch tuft of dyed brown
hair that is sticking out of the back; much like a Samurai.  And
this tuft of hair is sticking straight up–not falling over, not
curling…just straight up into the air like the multicolored tufts of
hair on those tiny troll dolls that were all the rage a few years
ago.   How her hair is doing that I don’t even know but it’s
mighty amusing.  You can take the girl out of far East Asia, but
you can’t the far East Asia out of the girl. 


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