Higher Learning

I just had lunch outside with D and we were discussing how even though
it was beautiful outside we were both returning to our respective
places of learning (me the library, her the lab) to finish work. B/c as
graduate students there is no such thing as holiday.  We do what
we need to do when we need to do it at whatever time, place, coffee
house, lab or library we need to do it in.  Oddly enough we
actually spent an hour outside–sans watch.  We just knew when it
was time to roll back in.  She’s cool.  We talked of ending
classes for me and graduation in a year for her.  She’s got two
more papers she needs to get done and this first one is still sitting
on her advisors desk ’cause he just realized he had a grant due the

Four different people whom I knew walked out of Benedum as we sat there
eating–made it look like I know everybody, which I don’t no matter
what WP says.  She’s hilarious–she said that when people first
get here all they have to do is tell someone they know me and they’re
automatically linked with everybody else in da burgh!  *SMH*

One of my newly acquired acquaintances is having a rough time this year
with her second year classes.  After reading her blog I had to
send her a little card b/c I completely understand the seeming eternal
crucible of medical school.  Interminable it seems.  Yet and
still, I must remember that the crucible time is not forever. 
Gold is not refined forever.  Though it may seem that way.

The other day I chanced upon a third year who was doing her Peds
rotation.  Poor girl was walking around on an abscessed
foot!  That’s what I’m talking about.  On antibiotics, barely
walking and she’s in the hospital; seeing patients. Humph!  That’s
our lot man…we are beasts.  In fact I would daresay we are the
intellectual X-men of our generation.  She told me she had clipped
my poem that was published in Murmurs and pasted it up on the wall b/c
she liked it so much–and I was genuinely flattered!  How nice
that someone should think my words worthy of clipping and
posting!  That’s hot.

It’s 1:44 pm in January, Friday the 13th

It’s 63 degrees outside

Winds SE @ a balmy 12mph

Humidity 27%

And the library is stacked.

All the laptops are taken.
Higher Learning.


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