i don’t get

why librarians are so loud?

how coffee makes me tired?

how there are a bijillion Matts,
Amy’s, Sara(h), Petes, Mikes, Steves, Bobs but when I tell people we
name our kids depending on the day they’re born Matt looks confused and
Amy stupidly says “oh, so there must be a lot of you”.

advisors who don’t care about your
experiments, don’t return your papers in good time (like before the
turn of the century), but get crunk if you turn in your own papers?

the reasoning behind non-black people wanting to touch my hair in any of its manifestations?

why people ignore me as some “black
girl” until they hear my “accent” or name and then they want to ask me
where I’m from?  and why they look confused when i innocently
reply “ohio”? (heehee) or look crazy when i ask them where they’re from? what’s good for da goose…

how it is that just b/c i was raised in ohio i would like cold weather?

why people think that just b/c i wanna
be a psychiatrist i want to listen to them gripe (for free) or that i
am surreptitiously analyzing them for my upcoming contribution to
DSM-pi (hear that nervous giggle-dude, what are you hiding??)

what prompts people who have no rhythm
to sidle up to me in a club and ask me to teach them to dance? 
who in halibut are you?  why are you even talking to me? and why
do you assume i want anything to do with you?

when half-couples in relationships
want to restrict you from having some good-wholesome fun with your
friends b/c they assume you should spend every other minute with them?

how in the many years i have been at
this institution of higher learning, the only time my financial aid has
been on point was my first two semesters?

what makes people think that just b/c
i know a decent amount about any particular people/culture; i secretly
1) want to be like them or 2) have a strong desire to
talk about their cultures, temples, food, language incessantly?  i mean, we can talk about it but all the time??? come on!  there are a bazillion different people out there and you’re only a part of one of them.

what makes my wanting to discuss
different viewpoints of an issue–an argument?  since when did
discussion become a four-letter word?

how the other medical specialties are “scientific” but psychiatry is not?

why so many atheists are always
attacking Christians?  how many Christians have time/energy/mental
power to even think about atheists?  dude, i pray for them and i
talk to them, but i can’t make them believe.  do i attack you b/c
you’re wrong?!

how the brain is ridiculously wonderful but we haven’t even begun to plumb its depths?

how love can transform a depressing day into heaven?

what happened to the “milk of human kindness”?  it seems to have dissipated…

where da pgh left originated?

why people are surprised that i haven’t dated or been attached to anyone?

why i randomly feel nauseous when i haven’t eaten in more than five hours?

why Easter is so sad when it’s the resurrection of the Lord?

how some can believe that English is not a versatile language in comparison to the Latin languages?

why “keeping it real” for so many black people has nothing to do with advancement of education or socioeconomic progress?

which black people to nod to and which ones not to nod to?

why i am racist when i know racism is wrong?

what leads someone to pay good money to attend the symphony and promptly fall asleep if they can do that at home?

how difficult it is for non-medical people to understand that a
doctor’s life ISN’T all fun and games?  that for all the money we
bring in–it’s no walk in the park?

why so many people mistake me for someone else?

how it happens that b/c i hang out
with certain people, other people assume we are spiritual conjoined
twins? you can pick up the phone and call her too!

why men have harems but women don’t?

what lets boys run wild in the house breaking stuff and acting like clowns in school but not girls?

why bongos is such a funny word?

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