Dang That’s Hot!

So I’m uber positive right now. 
I just finished a test for Ob/Gyn (one of my least favorite and
non-doing well specialities) and for some reason, as I’m doing the exam
the number 48% popped into my head and I’m thinking, “yeah, that’s
probably what I’ll get” but then I remember this morning’s devotional
(see below)  and I say “no, absolutely not. why not aim for
54%”?  So I finish the exam with a little under 3 minutes left and
I see a score of…..

64%!!!!  Now that’s hot!

This morning’s devotional:

At One With God

One with Me.  I and My Father are one.  One with the Lord of the whole Universe!

Could human aspiration reach higher?  Could man’s demands transcend this?  One with Me.

If you realize your high privilege,
you have only to think and immediately the object of your thought is
called into being.  Indeed, well may I have said, “Set your
affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”

To dwell in thought on the material,
when once you live in Me–is to call it into being.  So you must
be careful only to think and desire that which will help, not hinder,
your spiritual growth.  The same law operates too on the spiritual

Think Love, and Love surrounds you, and all about whom you think.  Think thoughts of ill-will

and ill surrounds you, and those about whom you think.  Think
health–health comes.  The physical reflects the mental and

-God Calling

I read this devotional this morning, while enjoying the balmy weather
on my walk down Wightman to catch a bus, I thought of a few instances
this week when odd “coincidencental” events occured.  Late last
week, I kept thinking of my good childhood friend and a couple
of days later, she called.  The past couple of days, Caramelo had
been on my mind and he randomly came over to visit us last night. 
On our (WP, Caramelo and myself) way to D on 9 for salsa, the thought
flashed through my mind of an instance when WP was pulled over for
running a red and I wondered if I should tell her to slow down a
bit.  Just as I thought that, we passed an intersection and
looking to my right I saw po-po stopped at the light.  It was all
odd and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it until this morning.

Maybe God was using it to prep me about the devo this morning?  I
mean here I was thinking of stuff that in turn correlated with the
actual outside events in my life!  This has often happened and I
don’t consider it ESP or psychic phenomenon.  In fact, I think it
has a lot to do with the closeness that I share with Jesus.  As He
lives in me and works through me to accomplish His purpose, I am
inexorably linked to His abilities.  In the same manner that He
called forth creation from the void (Genesis 1), so when I think
(because I am in Him and He and the Father are One) I can also call
into being (to a certain extent) life-actions.

When I finished reading the devotional I decided to make “Victory” my
milieu thought until I receive my passing score for the Boards.  I
told God that it was going to be hard because I get so caught up in the
hating, negative words, thoughts and emotions of my prior depressive
mindset that I don’t jump off the train of despondency.  I told
Him it wasn’t going to be easy, but that I would speak “Victory” and
ease of success into my life because I was tired of being tired. 
I’m tired of struggling so much to accomplish every day tasks. 
There is, though, a place for the unhappiness, the pain, the
suffering–in the hands of God.  That is where the power, the
protection, the presence, the providence and purpose of my being
lies.  That is where I strive to be.



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