What’s Going On?

In other unworldy matters, I dreamt last night of a wolf trying to
crush my lower back just because he wanted to see if he could.  I held
onto the wolf’s snout as he tried to lean around me and crush my lower
back.  Oddly enough I  had been on the back of a very long bus
(banished there by the other occupants b/c I was supposed to stay awake
and was unable to keep my head from nodding), trying to lay down and
sleep when I saw the wolf circling me.  I could hear him thinking, “I
wonder if I can crush her” and I thought that if I just pretended dead,
the wolf would leave me alone b/c all I wanted to do was sleep.  I kept
thinking “why is he trying to crush the strongest part of me??”  When I
realized that he wasn’t going to leave me alone, I sat up and grabbed
his snout, pressing hard while he was trying to reach around me and
crush my lumbar spine.  I began to feel fear then and yelled for the
occupants of the bus to help me but no one registered and I got the
distinct feeling that no one cared about me.  It was then that I yelled
out my Savior’s name: “Jesus” and awoke to the early morning.  Awoken,
I looked around to see that my candle was still burning and my desk
lamp was still on. 

I prayed for a while and then read the Word.  Somewhere in there I
felt calm descending again and fell asleep.  I like wolves
too.  What’s up with that?

A funny thing happened on my way to studying this morning: my driver’s
side car window decided it had had enough and wasn’t going to work
anymore.  I pulled into the Presby garage, rolled down the window,
stuck the ticket behind the visor and pressed the button to roll up the
window.  However the window never rolled up.  The other
windows work.  The other windows roll up and down fine.  This
window didn’t.

I called WP after I called the mechanic (no answer so message
left).  She suggested going to the mechanic anyway and I was on my
way when she called back cause the bobo told her that said mechanic
wasn’t open today.  She also suggested that I study at home
(vetoed that one) and that she would let me use the garage so I could
park the car.  Good roomie.  I drove home with cold wind
blowing through the car and wondered if this was akin to the car not
starting the day I took Step I.  It had a similar flavor.  At
least, I mused, it wasn’t the day of the exam this time.

Now I don’t know what’s going on in the spiritual front right now but I
do know that whatever evil is attempting to “crush me” had better step
off b/c I am a child of the Most High God!  And nobody messes with

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