The Whole World Is Preggies

The entire known world is pregnant or just finished being pregnant:

A college/med school friend is pregnant.

A med school/residency friend is pregnant.

A I-met-you-in-Pgh friend is pregnant.

My cousin is pregnant.

A med school colleague is pregnant.

A med school colleague just delivered last month.

So, what’s up with 2006????  Forget the year of the Dog…it’s the year of the Protuberant Bellies!

2005 was the year of weddings (5-6 I think).  People move fast! Wow…makes a soul wonder. When did we become adults?  Who decided we could have little ones of our own?  What?  For real tho?  *scratching head*  I mean, I’m still trying to figure myself out and folks are having little ones who will be absolutely dependent on them already knowing themselves.  Whew!  *shaking my head*  i grew up too fast yall.  too fast.


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