My postcard collection is threatening to overtake my room.  I’ve been trying to catalog them into my postcard book but the sticky photo corners are annoying as a mug–they don’t stick right, they flip over and disappear into the carpet, they flip onto themselves.  It’s starting to be more of a hassle then a fun activity.  The thing is, I’ve had them for so long that now when I’ve got this book, it’s like DANG, more postcards than I realized I’ve gotten in the mail.  Whew

my clinical neurosciences classmates are neurosurgeons who don’t give a damn about much right now.  i think i’m more into the course than they are–granted they’ve already matched.  one here and the other one in AZ.  and they’ve known each other for a hot minute ’cause they have each other’s numbers, ride in each other’s cars.  luckily, i’ve gotten over the phase of “i need to be down” with people!

i’m doing this research thing as part of the class and the researcher wants me to do research!!! a lit search nonetheless!  imagine that!  me?  do work?  what!!!

a good friend of mine is getting married next month and I’ve been mulling on old friends/crushes.  it seems that i’ve been mulling over lots of past people in my life.  that always happens when i’m facing a major move.  i start wondering whatever happened to…and that game sucks.

or worse yet i daydream about meeting celebrities.  my latest daydream has me meeting James Franco at the Detroit airport as I head towards baggage claim on my way to my friend’s wedding.  he’s had a dream about me from a few nights back where I was a warrior-lady who wins him his freedom in battle; then turn around and free him.  so in real life he sees me and is madly intrigued and takes me to the hotel where i drop off my stuff and go with him to lunch.  we keep in contact and i become his good friend who helps teach him about acting.  and also get to go to the oscars with him when he’s up for his academy award!!!

dude…is that pitiful or what?


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