feeling needy is bad

In my yahoo mailbox yesterday:

Subj: Hmmm

Damn we missed online right now but i still look
forward to talk to you soon. Do you like flowers...
roses per say?. Would you find it harmless if i sent
you some flowers?
Hope to hear from you soon
Have a nice day ahead


Where you ask, is this coming from? Three nights ago I chatted online. And I met
Robert. We had a nice, intelligent discussion. He asked for my email addy and I
gave it to him b/c it would be nice to continue having intelligent conversations.
That night, he emailed me but I didn't get it until I checked the next day:

Subj: Hello

Just wanted to drop you a mail before i switch off my computer. been nice talking to you and i
dont really have much to type right now a i am already beginning to feel sleepy.
Hope to talk to you later. Have a nice day and take care of your self


and I replied to him once saying:

Hello Robert,

Hopefully you had a wonderful weekend! And hoping you got a good night's rest.


Uhm, I mean...as much as it would make my day to get flowers....and I mean it
would make my day(esp being as lonely as i've been feeling recently)
i know it's probably not the best thing in the world to give a man who
happens to be a divorced 40something year old English architect living in the
wilds of Mansfield, England--my address. Being a romantic who has watched one
too many romance movies is not always a good thing.

I hate feeling needy

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One response to “feeling needy is bad

  • millennialhippy

    harmless? hardly. Flowers are expensive! There are plenty of nonintrusive ways to show someone you are thinking about them and to bring a smile to their face. It’s good that he asked, but the fact that he did both dates him in a certain generation as well as labels him with suspect intentions.

    That said, what is your address, so I can send you postcards from England??? You can email me!

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