Uhm, when subtlety doesn’t work…

My attempt to tiptoe around the fact that I don’t want Robbie to send me flowers:


Wsup?  How’s your day been?  What architectural marvels are you currently working on?

I love flowers–I do!  And it’s such a nice gesture for you to ask to send some to me.  That added a lot to my day , and it’s so thoughtful but I enjoy them most when they’re out in nature.  While I’m not a tree-hugger in the traditional sense, being out in God’s creation always pleases me.

And you?

His responses:

IM:    Waow since God was inclusive in your weekend. Then you had a great one. I dont know why we dont get to meet online. It baffles me that after the first day we met it has been difficult for us talking online but rather we only get to drop offlines. As concerning the flowers let me have your address so i send the fresh flowers to you


Nothin Much, My day was great. I'm into building construction. I'm glad you love flowers. I wanna send you some fresh flowers. And would need you to tell me where to send them so you recieve the fresh flower.
Hope to talk to you soon.


Sigh.  Okay, uhm, any suggestions as to wording of the next email that doesn't suggest that I have no desire to give out my address in a civil manner?  And who the heck is Scott?  I assume that's a nickname of sorts.  Good grief!

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4 responses to “Uhm, when subtlety doesn’t work…

  • millennialhippy

    or that he forgot which pseudonym he was using…. *facepalms*

    I think you were pretty smooth. Just reiterate it. Say you are uncomfortable with gifts, even, but you appreciate the thought. Move the subject on to something else, or if you are really disinterested, stop emailing him altogether.

  • Anonymous

    Yo, who the fuck is Robbie? -Your concerned brother fighting in a guerrilla war in the forested hills of Bolivia

    • ladylord

      Dear Concerned Guerilla Fighter Brother o’ Mine….

      Robbie was a person I chatted with for a few days. He was weird. I’m not chatting with him anymore. No worries.

      BTW, how’s the movement coming?

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