a little of what i learned tonight at hillman

During the ovulatory phase of the menstrual cycle, cervical mucus is profuse, clear and thin with the ability to extend at least 6 cm when lifted vertically.

Differentiation of Boerhave tears from Mallory-Weiss lies in the depth of the tear.  Boerhave tears are complete esophageal ruptures while Mallory-Weiss are superficial. 

Treat B-blocker toxicity that presents as bradycardia or AV conduction abnormalities first with atropine then isoproterenol and finally with glucagon.

Dacryocystitis is unilateral copious mucoid discharge days to weeks after birth and is best resolved by gentle massage

Avascular necrosis of the femoral head is uncommon in children because of a secondary patent arterial supply from the foveal artery which may become obliterated in older patients

Oral (PO) TMP-SMX is used in prevention of PCP in transplant patients

Herpetic Whitlow is the most common viral hand infection caused by HSV1/2 seen most commonly in women with genital herpes, kids with herpetic mouth ulcers and health care workers such as dentists.  It is a self-limiting disease that presents as throbbing pain in the swollen distal pulp spaces with non-purulent vesicles on the volar surface

Heparin and aspirin are given to decrease the risk of spontaneous abortion in women with antiphospholipid syndrome

Effect modification is present when the effect of the main exposure on the outcome is modified by the level of another variable…i.e the effect of estrogens on venous thrombosis is affected by smoking or the effect of OCPs on the incidence of breast cancer is modified by family history of breast cancer 


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