a disconcerting conversation

boy25dogi: hi..where..are..you..pls..drop..me..an..offline.message.i..am..dying.to.hear.from..you.pls..i.am..very..upset.
LLG: why are you upset?

boy25dogi: oh.god

boy25dogi: i..found..you

LLG: i repeat my question: why are you upset?

boy25dogi: where..were..you

LLG: living my life…as you should be doing

boy25dogi: because..i..could..not..get..on..line..with..you
LLG: so?

boy25dogi: you..deleted..me

boy25dogi: why

LLG: i didn’t delete you..would you like me to?

boy25dogi: ok

boy25dogi: nono

boy25dogi: never

boy25dogi: pls
LLG: are you okay? you shouldn’t be upset about this

LLG: you have your own life

LLG: i have my life

LLG: i’m not always online

boy25dogi: no

boy25dogi: i..got..so..familiar..with.you

boy25dogi: ok

LLG: don’t you have friends????

boy25dogi: it..is..hard..for..me..to..forget..u

boy25dogi: no

LLG: you don’t have friends??? in real life?

LLG: you’re going to have to work on that one

boy25dogi: i..have..you..it..is..enough

boy25dogi: i..don,t..know
LLG: it is NOT ENOUGH!!!!

boy25dogi: how..can..i
LLG: you don’t have me

LLG: it has to be said…

LLG: i am a random individual that you met online one day…your life must consist of all aspects

LLG: not just surfing online…

LLG: you know???

boy25dogi: you..r..hurting..me

boy25dogi: ok
LLG: i am telling you the truth

boy25dogi: lets..talk..of..something..else

LLG: and sometimes the truth hurts
LLG: you know this

boy25dogi: how..is..weather..there

boy25dogi: hi

LLG: no…i think we need to talk about this
LLG: so please don’t change the subject

boy25dogi: i..fear..you..might..get..annoyed

LLG: i’m worried

LLG: more than annoyed

LLG: i’m worried that i am the only "friend" you have

LLG: that makes me sad

boy25dogi: yes

boy25dogi: why

LLG: it’s sad that you don’t have any friends where you are

boy25dogi: i..don,t..feel..for..others

LLG: why?

boy25dogi: but..it..is

boy25dogi : different..for..u

boy25dogi : something..in,,my..heart

boy25dogi: i..m..a..doc..but..i..feel..it..here

LLG: aren’t there any other people there? in your city? your colleagues? your family? cousins you can hang out with?

boy25dogi: not..in..my..mind

boy25dogi : i..told..u

boy25dogi : it.is

boy25dogi: different..

boy25dogi: i..feel..as..i

boy25dogi: have..known..ypou

boy25doi: for..years

LLG: sigh

boy25dogi: my..heart..is..beating

boy25dogi: a..bit..faster

LLG : why?

boy25dogi : why..i..can,t..help..it

LLG: tell me please…i don’t understand how you can feel this thing for someone you’ve never met

LLG: you’ve never even seen me
LLG: we’ve talked what? 3/4 times?

boy25dogi: but..i..have..talked..to..you

LLG: i live in another city, in another country, on another continent thousands of miles away

boy25dogi: i..read..your..chat..many..times

boy25dogi: but..you

boy25dogi: r..close..

boy25dogi: to..me

boy25dogi: i..can

boy25dogi: even

boy25dogi: hear..u

boy25dogi: breathing

LLG: wow

LLG: this is getting kind of scary

boy25dogi: i..will..see..u..someday

boy25dogi: i.hope
LLG: well, we’ll see. more likely than not you’ll forget about me in a few months

boy25dogi: at..least..your..sourroundings

LLG: people always forget about people they meet online

boy25dogi : how..can..you..say..that

boy25dogi: i..forget.in..one..day

LLG: b/c you will

boy25dogi: but

LLG: you will forget me

LLG: you know you will

LLG: it’s a part of life

boy25dogi: i..could..not

boy25dogi: forget..

LLG: i meet people online all the time

boy25dogi: you..

boy25dogi: in..all..these

boy25dogi: days

LLG: i’ve had people proposition me to be their girlfriends, their wives, their lovers

LLG: i’ve people swear undying friendship

LLG: and where are they all now?
LLG: living their lives

LLG: outside of the net

LLG: not thinking about me

boy25dogi: i..am..an..asian

boy25dogi: you..will..see

boy25dogi: not..like..american

boy25dogi: the..more

boy25dogi: i..keep..away

boy25dogi: the..more..i

LLG: these were all Asians

boy25dogi: feel..u

LLG most of them were Indian
boy25dogi: pls..don,t..apply..them..on..me

LLG why should i believe you are different?

LLG: if you could only hear what people have said
LLG lol

boy25dogi: i..love..u..in..every..way

LLG you CAN NOT love me

LLG: you DO NOT know me to love me

LLG: you must KNOW someone

boy25dogi: but..i..feel.it

LLG you must have spent time with them, been around them

LLG but feelings are ephemeral, transient and flighty beings

LLG): today you feel, next week you don’t

LLG: such is life

boy25dogi: its..the..biginning

boy25dogi : no..pls

boy25dogi: just..wait..and..see

LLG: the beginning of what?

LLG): what you feel for me..i do not feel for you

LLG: in any way, shape or form

LLG): you must know this right?

boy25dogi: of..what..i..feel

boy25dogi: pls..show..me..your..room
LLG): so…i have to go now


boy25dogi: pls..wait..a..bit

boy25dogi: i..feel..as..if..you..r..with..me


boy25dogi: you..r..my..real..world

boy25dogi: pls..sit..near,,me


boy25dogi: you..r

LLG: I am a part of your world…but not all of it
LLG: don’t you have a family?

LLG: cousins?

LLG: mother/father/brother/sisters?
boy25dogi: pls..let..me..touch..your..hands

LLG: i am going now

boy25dogi: oh..no

LLG: remember what I said about you needing to go and find friends in your own world

LLG: in your own life

LLG: you will feel much better this way

LLG: bye

boy25dogi: ok

boy25dogi: see..you..tomorrow

boy25dogi : by
boy25dogi: take..care


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