Dem People Don’t Know…….

The last time she came into town, she told me it was to visit me.  I got the blessing from WP, cleaned up the apt as well as my schedule for the weekend.  I picked up her “boyfriend” from his place so that we could both go to pick her up from the airport. Imagine my surprise when I go to drop her “boyfriend” off to find out that all along she wasn’t planning on staying at my place.  I suppose I should have asked her if she was.  She’s never been forthcoming to me about her relationship with the guy—though I have witnessed some major lip lock—so I thought she would stay with me.  She didn’t.


In fact she spent the entire weekend with him—eschewing any plans that we were to make to hang out—excusing herself by telling me that “he wanted to do this and he wanted to do that”.  I saw her twice—at a party where they were so late I was getting in my car to go home and at a breakfast before she left.  Needless to say I was NOT AMUSED. 


This time she came she called me a couple of days before that she would be here.  I never called her back.  Her “BF” called me to ask if I could pick her up from the airport—I couldn’t and I didn’t.  In fact WP was nice enough to go pick her up.  I saw her Saturday night at my birthday party and when asked what she was doing in the city she told the person that she was visiting me.  For real?  For real, for real?


How you gonna lie on me like that?  It seems that whenever people ask her what she’s doing she tells them that she’s visiting me.  I’m the last person to know you coming and I ain’t seen hide nor hair of you since the day you arrived and you coming to visit me?  For real?  For real, for real?  Dang!


Sunday night her man called to invite me to go out with his roommate, his roommate’s fiancée, him and her.  Can you guess what I did?  It surely didn’t involve my dancing shoes.  One—I was tired and needed to rest.  Two—there was no way in Fallujah that I was gonna go as some fifth wheel!!! 


Today is Tuesday.  After work today I checked my voice mail.  There were two calls—one from WP and one from her.  She called to see if I wanted to hang out tonight because she’s leaving tomorrow.  Hmmmm, let’s see


1)    I don’t suffer negligence in a friendship

2)    I don’t believe in using your friends for rides

3)    I’m not a big fan of the lying

4)    I believe that friendship goes both ways

5)    If you can’t be bothered to make plans with someone then you shouldn’t expect them to drop everything for you when you’re ready


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