I’ve turned into a Matisyahu freak  It’s all I listen to nowadays.  It’s nice that a Hasidic Jew does socially conscious reggae.  I mean what kind of an amalgamation of thoughts is that? Who would have put the two together?  I’ve got both of his CDs and I walk around da burgh rocking to a higher sound.  Being a devout Christian, I’ve always had respect for the Hebrews/Israelis.  I suppose I want to get closer to the Chosen People; however many of the more hard-core ones don’t want to be close to goy that I am.  Oh well, that’s okay b/c most of them don’t believe that Moshiach has already come in Jesus Christ and are still living under the old Testament.  

I actually would like to learn Hebrew so I can read the Bible in its original words.  In fact, I plan on trekking through Israel on a pilgrimage one of these days–probably after residency.  I’ll take one of those tours that follow the cross from Bethlehem to Jerusalem.  Did you know that “beth” means “House of“?  Bethlehem means house of bread or house of Lahm (a goddess).  Jerusalem (Yerushalayim) means city of peace.

Listening to Matisyahu (Hebrew for Matthew) lifts my spirit.  Which I’ve always thought should be the main thrust of music–to be uplifting.  And it ain’t gots to be religious to do so (thought that helps)–but the manner in which people lay tracks, bring disseparate parts into this whole that leaves me smiling–MAN, what a gift!

It’s great to listen to words that uplift instead of words that tear down.  Most of the music nowadays that has a mad catchy beat is also mad derogatory to just about anyone with morals.  So Matisyahu is just what I’ve been looking for–people with SOMETHING worthy of my ears.  Tired of this sex s*** that I hear all the time on the radio/at the club.

Kokolo is coming into da burgh tomorrow night and I’m all over it.  They’re an Afro-beat Latin Funk band whose founder I met last year at a party in Shadyside.  He was deejaying that night.  I won’t lie–he’s a cutie pie (engaged though).  It’s nice to be around cuteness of the male variety.  I dig his style and I wish there were more men like that in my life.  Just socially aware, artistically inclined people.  Granted I don’t know him deeply but I think it’s so cool to know someone in a band–travelling around the world, releasing melodies into the universe.  I’m a music girl but I can somewhat carry a tune so it’s always been a point of contention between me and Jehovah about why He gave me such a resonating powerful voice if I can’t sing with it??!!

I can orate, but I can’t flout musical convention with my soaring vocals.  But God gives right?  And clearly there’s a reason that He gave me what He did.  I do hope that my kids will play and sing.  

So hopefully I can get a large turn-out of my friends and acquaintances to support Kokolo tomorrow night.  It can be hard to open people to go do stuff sometimes–especially music-wise.  

Uhm, why is my “mood” image crying b/c I’m hungry?  I don’t know which is worse–the last one which was smiling or this one which is crying. 


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