so maybe not so much anymore with the questions guys

If one more random person asks me


1) i am excited to go to miami
(uhm…dude…would you?)………

2) i have an apartment in miami (dude, i just found out 14 days ago; at what point in that oh-so-long two week period was i supposed to find a domicile???)….

3) miami my first choice (what’s it to you?  how does that change anything?  if it wasn’t what would you do?  look like an ass maybe?)……

4) s/he can be my first patient (no freeloading, who says i want to be your psychiatrist and finally get in line!!!)………

5) i know anyone in miami (does this reveal something to you?)……..

or declares that I am going to have such a wonderful time there; obviously neglecting the simple fact that I am going to be flipping taking care of patients who have massive issues, on call and possibly looking for an uzi to take out random itinerant  south beach dieters……….

or states that s/he will be visiting me–okay, so you haven’t visited me once here in da burgh and i barely know you from Adam………..

or jokes about me taking call on the beach or having days off b/c of hurricanes…………..

or asks me for the 100th time "sooo, i forget when are you going?"

or just
looks at me, nods knowingly and says "Miami, hunh?"



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