I leave tomorrow for Detroit.  L’s wedding to E happens on Saturday.  Why am I leaving so early?  B/c L’s co-ed bachelor party is Thursday e’en.  Friday is the wedding rehearsal (which I recently found out I will be participating in with a little spoken word–go me!), and Saturday the evening wedding.

I just turned in my app to replace my green card!  Now I have to sniff out the report I made to the police re: missing wallet.  But before I do that; I gotta pay that crazy $90 parking ticket.  Sometimes–I tell ya, da burgh be ripping a sista off.  

I called the res Monday and they didn’t know I hadn’t passed step 2; but they said it didn’t matter.  I also got their unlicensed physician form wherein I have to detail all my leaves of absences and my oh-so extensive psych history of 6 months celexa with a year of counseling.  i recently found out a good friend of mine also joined that “noble” group of persons using a bit of pharmacotherapy to help them through the rough patch.  I have to print out the application and work on it when I get back from Detroit.  I also have to schedule first aid classes.
What else?  I have to continue studying and take the dratted exam at the end of the month.  I’ve also got to find a flight there for early May so i can find an apartment.  I keep forgetting to email a couple of the residents about the best time to come down and search.  I’ve been told Bucknell is where most of the residents spend their non-hospital time.  Some live in South Beach as well.  Apparently the southern part has older more apartment style buildings.  Hmmm.  I’ll look around on Craig’s List and other apartment online websites for help.  God knows I need to find something on the cheap side for the first year.  I’ll even live with Jose in the Barrio if necessary ’cause it’s that deep.

Then there’s figuring out when and what to sell from the current apartment.  I figure that the first week of June would be good.  WP will be going back to hotlanta late May for her graduation party and I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it.  Three airline trips in the space of two months might be more than the budget can handle.  Oh wait–I did get a couple of books on how to live cheaply that I will take with me (along with my study materials) to Detroit.  

My cell phone was emitting a strange high pitched sound on a frequency guaranteed to frighten away small rodents.  It stopped but now I’m wondering what in the world is its problem????  Geesh!


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