I stopped by SSS this morning for a “graduation” gift and while there made a comment that could have been racist to Hispanics.  I aped a Spanish Puerto Rican lady with a snap of my fingers, a thrust of my hip and a “hola, como estas papi”.  It was all in good fun but as I sat on a bench in Oakland, eating my lunch it struck me just how rude that comment had been.  It struck me how easy it is to fall into the accepted norm of making fun of someone and not see how painful/racist your actions may turn out to be perceived by someone else.  There was one graduating student there who, after my little display, may have been Latina.  Oh how wonderful that played out!  Well, here I am–a sinner in need of a Savior!

I dropped some brownies by L Fuego today.  I told him yesterday I would be by about 2:15 today.  When I came into his lab he was on the phone.  I got on his computer, checked email and waited.  He was still on the phone.  So walked over to him and waved goodbye, figuring that the call was probably important (he was speaking Spanish and it could have been family) but he waved me back.  We walked to their floor lunch room where we sat down and chatted for a bit.  Then he asked me why I was going to leave when he was on the phone.

Uhm, I’m thinking–well, you’re on the phone and you’re not getting off so clearly you must be busy right?  I don’t want to be rude and make you feel like you have to hurry/get of the phone; so I’ll leave.  In his mind though, if someone is busy like that you tell them that you’re coming back–leave for a while b/c it makes him feel bad that I visited his lab for the first time and then left without being properly shown around etc.  Ooops–I didn’t want you to feel bad which is why I was leaving.  I suggested that it might be a culture difference?  I don’t know–he seemed kind of upset about it.  Well, as upset as he can be at a friend.  So we went back and forth with me trying to explain that I didn’t mean to make him feel bad and figured I would talk to him later; but he’s telling me it makes him feel bad b/c I leave while he’s on the phone leading him to feel like he was a bad host.  Oy vay!

I’m here at Hillman now and I just saw this guy who is on the computer do two very disgusting things.  One, he put his left hand down his flank, under his underwear and just sat it there for a bit while he read.  Then he put his left hand down the front of his underwear, leave it there for a few seconds, take it back out and SNIFF it!  He’s still using the computers.  And now he’s eating.  Oh, my stomach is turning.

Makes you stop and praise God that you haven’t yet caught some horrible disease doesn’t it?  Recently I’ve become a big fan of not wanting to shake hands and this just proves my point.  EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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