A few years ago I lost my wallet.  I called the police dept and they sent out an officer who made a report.  Now I need a copy of something of that nature to take to my appt tomorrow for INS.  And I got such a run-around.  Looked online–called the police dept but they were the wrong office and sent me somewhere else.  They informed me that they were fingerprinting and not the right people.  I called the first people back and they couldn’t help me.

I got online again this morning; googled another number.  They put me on hold but at least were able to look on their records to see if my report was there.  It wasn’t.  And trying to explain to the lady that I wasn’t sure if the Waterfront would be a part of da city or if it was the homestead police that came out so many years ago didn’t go well either.  I asked her if she had the number for the homestead police and she asked me if i had a phone book.  Okaaaay.

So I googled homestead police, called them and was iinformed that rock bottom was in west homestead but that i would have to call 911, inform them it’s a non-emergent case and have them transfer the west homestead police.  for real for real?  911?

Okay.  I did as I was told but the phone cut off.  I called again–reached the same guy and he transferred me to an officer who took down my information so that he could have another officer call me.  OOOOkaaaaaaay.

I stayed in the house, threw on a skirt just in case that officer would show up at the door.  Well, the officer did call back–friendly guy too.  He didn’t have the right name or sex, but he was still friendly.  Only problem is they don’t have any report filed for me.  What?  Sigh.  I thought I filed a report.  I mean, the officer came out and everything–but did I?  Did he come out, I told him what happened and perhaps didn’t file the report?  I really thought I did.  Never had a copper over before–definitely remembered his face afterwards when I saw him around da city.

I called CIS b/c the online information tells me to bring a copy of the police report but the notice that they sent me says nothing of the kind.  Okay–I called CIS.  CIS tells me to follow the instructions on the notice.  So, I have no police report and I’m gonna show up tomorrow in faith that all will be well.  It has to be!

In other news–I’m feeling a freak-out coming on.  I am hating the library but I gotta do questions for the exam.  My room is a mess.  I have to fill out the different forms that jmh sent me this week.  I need to figure out how to get to the appt tomorrow since my license has expired and i refuse to drive.  and i need to find an apt in miami.  i feel that i need to take a day off or something.  i seriously need to get a boyfriend who will just help me figure things out.  I know it’s a selfish reason however I am getting tired of taking care of myself.  Every once in a while I wish I had someone to say–honey, can you give me a ride to…or hey babes, come over and keep me company while i clean the house…or yo, babe-a-licious how about studying with me sometime?

Maybe I should take today to clean out my room so I don’t feel quite so cluttered?  It’s just getting so bad!

I looked online to figure out which bus takes me down to the center.  I found 501 goes there and would get me there by 8:38am.  Granted the appt isn’t until 10am but it’s good to be early right?  Oh man.  I just called the PAT to make sure that the intersection they have is the same one I have, b/c acc to the online trip planner i take the 501 and get off at 9th and Penn.  The service guy–Tom–was a litte strange.  He tells me to get off at the Liberty and Wood stop by the Wood T station, cross liberty onto 7th, walk down 7th to Penn and make a right on Penn to go to Penn and 8th.  This all punctuated by multiple mmhmms and uh hunhs as if he were talked to himself but not…When I tell him I’m going to repeat myself to make sure I have the right way, he just talks over me as I am repeating what he just said.  Again punctuated by mmm hmmms and uh hunhs.  I wanted to scream.

there’s too much inside my head right now. i’m going to hide out in my apt today.

there was just a knock on the door.  i thought it was WP but it was the maintenance guy from a few weeks ago who woke me up?  he comes back to ask if someone fixed the bathtub.  tells me there was a mix-up and another guy got the job put on his list but now it’s back on his list so he doesn’t know if it was fixed.  no.  he wants to know if he can take a look at it now.  i tell him no, not now, it’s being used.  he tells me he’s coming back later. 

i feel hunted down by my obligations.  and if one more person asks me if i have an apt in miami–dear God, I think I’m either going to cry or scream.

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