My father won’t be able to make it to all the graduation festivities that I have planned.  He has too many other obligations.  He will try to make it to my graduation though.

I’ve been here since 1999.  Fighting.  After all the pain, the stress, the drama and trauma, he can’t take three days to celebrate?  He has too many other obligations?  God forbid anything get in the way of his “obligations”.  I thought that at some point I was an obligation; but the past seven years have proved otherwise.  I don’t want to be bitter about his inability to be a father.  Would I be bitter if I had never had a father?  If I had always had a distant father?  If all my life he had been horrible, instead of the past 7 years of horribleness compounded by the loss of my Mommy?  I’ve learned not to depend on him but DANG…for real though?  At least I have one Father who will never leave me nor forsake me.

My Mommy once said that she wasn’t worried about my father–he would find another wife–but about us.  Her kids.  She was right to worry. 


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