Craig’s List

Sitting here in the library, wondering what’s going on in the dating world…so I turn to my trusty 

The following are a few of the more interesting tidbits…

swm seeking black bbw – 45

swm-45 years old–handsome, very well built, very clean, disease and drug free seeking black woman with big round ass for ass worship–will be beneficial for you in more ways than one!!!!!!!!

ass worship??? ROTFLOL..

Hot male model Looking for SUGAR MOMA – 27

I am a young hot guy looking to meet a lady who can help me with my financial situation.
I am very educated, intelectual great personality and know how to treat a lady
6"2 with great body ex male model
Please contact me if you serious
Women only!!!!

Well!!  Can’t spell, rather shallow but at least he’s being truthful…riiight???

Voluptuous and Brilliant, more to come – 40

Tall Tech seeks Torturous Tutonic to tell tantalizing tales of tigers and Tasmanians to tickle the temptress with teasing thoughts, Lets start with tasting Thai tidbits for two.

…seriously…can’t even comment on that one…

Looking to meet a Virgin 26-30… – 34

I am looking to meet a nice lady, that knows how to behave, that does not quarrel, that’s doesn’t have a list of people she slept with, that smells good, that is not materialistic, that doesn’t expect to eat out all the time, that is mentally healthy and stable, that does not smoke, that has no kids….

there’s more but…smells good??!! what women has he been meeting???


Intellectual European mind looking for a GODDESS FREAK for ocassional fun and spoil-rotten time.

YOU are preferably:

an earthly Goth/Hippie/Rave chick with pierced nose/nipple/belly button, unshaved armpits and ton of character.

smelly…really smelly

I came across others but some of them were pretty out there and others were disgusting, still others made me shake my head in despair.  I think it’s time to cover my head with a blanket!


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