I wish that I could have my license.  I have to wait for a letter from the Board most likely asking me to be checked out by an independent psychiatrist to make sure I’m fine.  AAAAAAAAAAARGH.  And they had better pay the bill!

So I’m not on call at all this month.  And I’m not getting paid until I get my licensure.  That’s one whole month without any income.  Hmmm, okay, sounds like my residency is off to a good start.

I was highly frustrated this morning but I cheered myself up with the fact that

1) I’ve survived much worse
2) I’m here by God’s will so He’s going to work everything out 

Just so long as I realize whom I serve and give each day the best that I’ve got, well…so be it.  I will speak that which is not as if it is.  That is faith.

My father thinks this means I’m going to end up being in charge of a full psychiatric hospital.  He says that if this is “slight stress” (i.e patient load and licensure issues) then I must be super strong.  Naw, I’m just secure in God to take me THROUGH the inconveniences of life.

I spoke with a gentleman I’ve been emailing through YAP.  We had a pleasant conversation.  He’s 31 w/a  Masters in international affairs and just moved to Miami from DC to work as a civilian contractor to the military.  He went to KY for grad school though he almost moved to da burgh.  Imagine that!  He’s into economic development (foreign aid contracting) and now is shifting gears over to the defense side, focusing on human rights in Latin America.  We spoke for a bit.  Poor guy–he’s friendless and maybe becoming girlfriend-less as well.

His GF of 7 months seems to be edging towards the “don’t call me, i won’t call you” realm.


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