La lutta continua

I haven’t gotten my training license yet.   I thought I would be able to start working today b/c you don’t need a license for the VA but I was wrong.  I got up, dealt with my morning ablutions and dressed myself for my first real day of work only to be informed during rounds that I can not be there.  I can go to lectures but nothing dealing with patient care.  I’m off to do my own thing for the next ? days until I receive my letter.

On the way from the VA over here I started feeling that petulant frustration born out of repeated difficult situations.  I thought to myself:  “How can I be penalized for doing the right thing”?  At the time that I was at my worst I took the leap of faith–talked with my PCP, started taking Citalopram and seeing a therapist.  I did what I was supposed to do so why does it feel like I am being penalized for doing that?  The chances that my application would be delayed without the personal issue of the depression are high given the fact that I still took time off from med school.  And once again I am left with the fallout of one major life event in my life–my mother’s death.  It will never cease to amaze me as to how ONE event in a person’s life can have such far-reaching effects.  I suppose it’s not the number of events, it’s the scope and enormity of the event itself.

I am not the only one in my program who has had to grapple with licensure issues–there are people from other years who have dealt with this very issue and there have been those in this year (3 others) who have had similar licensure issues.  Is there a hidden vendetta against the psych dept?  Nah, there are other programs here who are experiencing the same issues but to a greater extent.  Imagine having at least 30 people in your program who can’t start work b/c of licensure issues?  Yeah, that’s one program.

So now I’m going to spend the next several days studying since there’s not much I can do.

Tomorrow I’m getting a bookcase, dining room table set, living room table (maybe) and futon.  I still need lamps though.  

It will be nice to have things in the apt.  It will be nice to have some things period–like a license, a pay check, a bed…LOL.  Ah well, such is life, non?


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