Water Rage on US-1

I was returning from Tony Roma’s–a Miami mainstay of ribs, much like Damon’s in Columbus–when the rage began.  The driver of the car I was in signaled and merged into the left lane, eliciting an indignant honk from the red SUV.  Apparently affronted by our merging, he changed lanes, sped up and merged into our lane, slowing down after doing so.  In an attempt to prevent an accident, the driver changed lanes and a tag game of lane changing began.  At some point, the driver of the red SUV, apparently upset at the situation, rolled up next to our car and yelling: "You think that’s funny?!!! You think that’s funny??!!!!!!" threw an open water bottle into our car, dousing me in water and hitting the driver as well.
While I’m a non-confrontational individual by nature, I do harbor intense and often latent emotional responses of vengeance–an aspect of myself that I don’t relish.  I was at first shocked by the interaction but slowly warmed up into vengeance mode.  It’s shameful, I know; but at some point I wondered what it would be like to "know" someone who "knew" someone who knew how to make certain things happen.  Cause if that was possible red SUV driver would be missing a few of his favorite digits.

Dang!  Remind me to never have my car window down if a car starts honking behind me–no matter what vehicle I’m in!
BTW, it’s 4:06AM and for those of you who aren’t sure…I’m not making any of these entries up…they’re all real, all strange…Miami Minutes


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