2:15 AM wednesday jazz with Ernesto

So Tropical Storm Ernesto has landed on us with rain and winds.  I got kinda wet lugging my carry-on luggage behind me from the parking garage to the hospital.  Since I’m on night float and we weren’t completely sure if the storm would pick up any speed over water, they suggested all of us bring our luggage for a couple of days worth of staying here in case the weather got really bad.


The ER was busy today with all the pre-hurricane people.  It was kinda funny to see all the luggage all over the area from different staff members.



Uhm, a little tired but almost done with this night float month.  I’ve got a couple more days and then I’ll be finished for the year.  Glad to have gotten it out of the way in the first real month of pyschiatry b/c it gave me a chance to run headlong into the fray with my extensive knowledge of psychiatry.  LOL!  So far I’ve gotten a couple of compliments about my adjustment abilities which is always nice.  You know you’re working hard but you don’t always give yourself credit for it nor do you think that others are appreciating your efforts.


Nothing super profound here.  I talked with one of the security guards here and he’s a professional drummer from Guyana.  He’s of Indian descent and plays multiple drums including the tablas!  He’s got a band that does gigs all over Southern Florida and he even lent me a CD to listen to of Bhangra!  I’m going to download it onto my computer today when I get back.  He’s also got my email and my phone number so that I can get some suits that his daughter has stored up.  Who knows!  How nice!  So we’ll see how that will all pan out enh?




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