The Amoeba Must Move; The Pseudopod Must Dance`

I am tired.  When did life get this fatiguing?  All yall interns know what I’m talking bout right?  Dang yo!  It’s madness.  I can’t even begin to explain the tiredness.  Or the fact that my nerves are so on edge I twitch.   My thumb, my upper eyelid, my left cheek and jaw.  I’m twitching people!!!  I twitch when I don’t sleep enough and the stress is hard-core.  I’m twitching!!!!


Loneliness is an aspect of intern year that I don’t understand.  You’re at work, working until you pass out and then you go home and you’re all by yourself.  And you’re thinking to yourself that you really wish your friends (yall) were here.  For real though!  How many of yinz guys want to move down to Miami for a few years?  Hang out with Akua G?  It would be tons of fun–we could explore South Miami together!  Woohoo!


And I know it takes time.  I know this.  The only problem is I’m all impatient.  And who wants to "retrain" new friends anyway?  You feel me?  I mean after all the wahalla that I’ve had to go through with all of you people (HUGE WINK), and how much you guys already know me and know what it is that moves me and what it is to be me, why in the world would I want to have to get more people to inform them of all that jazz!  AAAAAARGH!  I feel like putting a pox on the world but that wouldn’t be nice, now would it?  Nope it wouldn’t!  And then there’s the fact that right now it’s 3:20 am and I am RAMBLIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, Country Road–take me home, to the place, I belong!  West Virginia, Mountain Highway, take me home…..take me home!!!!!!



A hurricane is approaching.  Hurricane Ernesto is now downgraded to a Tropical Storm which is much better than a hurricane.  So far I’ve been called and emailed that since I work the night float I have to come here at 4pm, bring multiple changes of clothing, my super valuable documents in a clear zip lock bag and some food.


Good grief.  My first hurricane.  Let’s hope it is not a hurricane when it gets here. 


Anybody want to come by and visit a sista?  I mean, granted, it’s not like I live in the nicest part of Miami but gosh darn it, at least I have a place to stay!  Oh, no internet access at home means having to type stuff really late at night here at the workplace and that means that my brain isn’t even processing the way I would like it to…when I want to be more specific with issues it’s not seemingly rolling off the cerebellum like it should be if I wasn’t here at all kinda late hours at night handling bidnesssss!!!!


Oh and the patients, yall.  The patients!  They’re gonna drive me up the proverbial WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!



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