phone calls and boat rides

This past weekend three people called me whom I haven’t heard from in quite some time (yall know who yall are) and two whom I have heard from recently and I apologize for not getting back to you when I said I would.  Rectification of this will occur this week.


One of the benefits of living in a harbor city is the opportunity for exciting jaunts on the water–which is a great first sentence for any nice documentary type entry.  Not being quite sure what form this entry will be in, I’ll just move on.  Labor Day (yesterday), I went on a ride with the director of the psych ER (also an Attending) where I’ve been holed up for the past 5 weeks, four other psych residents and one cranio-facial fellow.  After a bit of driving around Dinner Key Marina, we met the others at a small waterfront restaurant resembling a shack called Scotty’s Landing.  We lounged a bit while the rain fell, laughing and eating all kinds of unhealthy food.  When the rain let up, we made our move to the 24 foot boat where we lodged our bags and sat back while our trustworthy capitain launched us out onto the Atlantic.


Oh man!  What a ride!  The wind whipped against us, the sun shone down on us and the water frothed behind us as we cut quite a figure zooming through the green waters of the harbor.  The dark choppy waters of the Atlantic coupled with the speed of the boat made the trip feel more like a roller coaster than a leisurely boat cruise, and I surely took advantage of the trip to cheese and yell my happiness until even the pelicans were disgusted with my antics.   He took us around to the Beaches, to Star Island where we got an up close view of the waterfront homes of such celebrities as Shaq (who has a statue of himself and a cannon set up behind his house), P Diddy, Vanilla Ice, Gloria Estefan and Rosie O’Donnell, to the exclusive Fisher Island where the only way onto the island is by ferry and the only people allowed on the island are its occupants, around different areas that I can’t remember and finally to a small house set on stilts sitting above a shallow area of the Atlantic. 


There we docked, set up station and rested.  While the others walked about, I lay on the deck of the small house and soaked in as much soleil as I possibly could.  What a delightfully indulgent afternoon!  Good grief it was wonderful.  The small house was one of less than half a dozen scattered about that were once inhabited by the locals but after Andrew, the goverment decided they weren’t hurricane proof and forbid anyone from living there anymore.  They planned to tear them down but there was such a hullaballoo (these houses have been around since the early 20’s) that the city decided to designate them as historic and leave them as spots for people to hang about.


Unfortunately our lazy Labor day afternoon was cut short by the advent of dark menacing clouds rolling in from the Atlantic so we packed up and headed back to harbor; but man, what an afternoon!  He’s promised to take us out whenever and you better believe I’ll be taking him up on that one soon enough!  Definitely a perk of living in Miami and being in this particular program. 



The relationships between the residents and the Attendings is much more intimate and familiar than those found in other programs so we end up becoming colleagues and sometimes friends.  I’m glad that it’s so because it’s very different from the experience I had in da burgh where the line between residents and attendings was clearly demarcated.  I never realized just how distant the groups were until I came here and started watching the interactions between the two in this program. 



I would venture to state that it has partly to do with the specialty and partly to do with the general Latin atmosphere of Miami.  There is a more of a sense of "family", closeness and a general desire to "have fun" than I’ve ever been privy to up north.  There’s more of an emphasis on people getting together, talking, sharing food and enjoying one another than I’ve known.  People get together all the time for drug rep dinners at fancy restaurants (there are two coming up this week that I’m attending), clubs, bars, the beach and on the water.  I’m still more of a northerner with my emphasis on time, precision and the formality of relationships and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing because things can be a little too relaxed down here, but I hope that this experience will help me be more relaxed in my environment and in my own skin (which by the way, you see a lot of in this town!).   


BTW, if you’re reading my posts and enjoying them, how about you leave a comment every couple of entries?  It makes me feel less like I’m writing into a void and gives me a buzz to hear from yinz.


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