Yeah, I feel you about graduate school daydreaming.  I used to feel actual pain when I thought of all the other parts of my life that were seemingly on hold while in med school.  Now I’m so busy that I don’t think much about it; but I’m trying hard to actually do something about it when I do have some time.


I’ve decided that while there is a time and place for everything, there is also the need to take time out to actually enjoy what I’ve been given–which currently is some beeyootiful weather.  I’m trying to spend as much time as possible outside, just enjoy the art of being, you know?


I think that in the short term your academic and cultural wanderlust may seem at odds with what is expected of you but in actuality it does make you a better person to be around!  I struggled so much with that stuff when I was in medical school.  My gosh!  It was hard to keep my mind focused sometimes b/c I wanted so very much to NOT be doing what needed to be done and that was studying.  So I tried as much as I could with the resources that I did have to get out, find new things to do, go out with folks.  It got to the point that people thought I was a social butterfly but it was more a matter of keeping sane!


And yes, there is some escapism involved, but at the same time there’s a lot of reality.  It’s hard for Renaissance people to be forced to focus on one thing and one thing only–I do wish I could go back to undergrad sometime.  And not in the sense of the late 90s but more so as an adjunct to what I was learning.


It would be lovely to go back to undg and take some more French and speech classes.  To actually delve into the arts a bit more.  To learn for learning’s sake and not b/c it was a general ed req!



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