Ft Myers?

My cousin is in Ft Myers Fl with her parents-in-law, her hubby and kid.  That’s about 2.5 hours away.  I’m promised to hang out with someone tonight to go to a show and then tomorrow I have to go pick someone up from the airport around 8pm.  So that leaves not too much time to drive 290 miles in one day. I don’t know what to do.  Should I chuck it up to love and just go, regardless of the five hours of total driving in the space of 24 hours?  Or should I take it easy and just rest….

I don’t know.  I will probably end up leaving early tomorrow am around 5/6 so I can get there around 7/8AM.  Ah well.  And then leave around 5ish so that I will be here in time to pick up J from the airport.  Somehow I don’t think I’ve slept enough during my vacation.  I’ve been resting but I don’t feel rested enough.  There’s always laundry or something else that needs to be handled.  Right now I have to go back to do laundry.  I’m at KMart now, typing this ’cause I don’t have internet access at the crib and my local library is closed for the day.  I could have gone to other libraries but they’re further away, and the KMart was less than a few seconds away by car.  There is always a way I suppose.   I needed to get directions to Ft Myers. And I needed to check my account.  I tried to get a money order from Publix to pay my rent and they said I had exceeded my amount but I have like 2K in the bank so what’s really good?  I don’t know.  I’ve always been able to buy the money order there before without the drama.  Maybe I just need to get two separate money orders. Who knows.

I have a grown-up New Year’s Eve Party to attend on Sunday and then Monday I have to go in to work.  That’s my fault.  I could have found the attending for Jan (off service), the chief resident for medicine and gotten their signatures but I was too lazy and figured I would be okay.  I wasn’t planning on how working on Christmas Eve would have taken something out of me.  Good forward thinking hunh?

I’ve decided that it will be good for me to go and see my cousin.  Even if I have to sit in the car for five hours.

Yesterday I went to an exhibit by Chihuly at the Fairchild Garden.  Oddly enough I saw a documentary of him just the night before (hanging out at someone else’s house).  And when I went last night I realized that I had seen some of his installation when I was in Monaco a few years back.  I thought it was weird back then too.  LOL.  Go fig.  Well it was fun and free.  Gotta love the free action.  I went as a guest of AF who is a friend of AS whom I met in da burgh.  AS is here doing her heme-onc fellowship and is a part of this group called Events and Adventures.  They are a singles getting out and about kind of group, but not dating.  You go to these different events that they schedule and on the surface it sounds good.  Then AS told me that it costs $1500 to join (up front), plus you pay your way to some of the events plus you pay maintainence fee.  WHAT?  Dude that’s more than 2/3 my bank account.  Whoa!  So needless to say, I won’t be joining ANY time soon.

I’ve decided I don’t like doing laundry, but I do like sleeping.  It would be nice if I had another relative who wanted to drive up there with me.  Or better yet, a boyfriend.  Hah! Now that would be just dandy.  And he would drive and I would be the navigator and we would laugh and be silly and the 2 hours would go by in a flash.  And we would get there and have a great time hanging out with them.  And when we came back we would listen to a book on tape and just enjoy each other’s company and then Sunday we would go to church and the New year’s eve party at Bosco’s that night.  And maybe one day they’ll find that french fries are actually good for you………


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