stolen moments…

a new year and i’m living.

it’s strange, living here in the Magic City.  Working.  being.  uhm…i have so many new experiences.  like driving in maaad traffic. 

i’m enjoying my internal medicine portion now.  i only have 3 patients–Thanks God!  I’m doing alright.

I have had my “aaaargh” moments though–when pts have felt entitled to extra things, nurses haven’t done their jobs or other docs are messing around.  but overall, the past two weeks have been a good change of pace from the internal politics that plague my program.

As far as I’m concerned; I’m trying to center more on God instead of me.  it’s been hard with my random panic attacks and self-condemnatory tendencies but thanks God that I have good friends who remind me of the truth!  whew.  i don’t know what i would do without them.

Last night I dreamt that I was married–and happily so!  it was such a wonderful feeling.  i think this being single is getting to me or the second novel in the Darcy series “Exploits and Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy” by Elizabeth Aston ” was most prominent on my mind.  I read the first “Mr Darcy’s Daughters” in one gulp and almost did the same with this one. I came home maaad tired yesterday around 4ish and instead of sleeping like I should have; I lay down with the novel and almost finished it by 9pm.  I have about 40 pages to go and the third beckons: “The True Darcy Spirit”.  Can’t wait.

I’m on long call today so we cap at 7pm and it being almost 2pm, I’m hoping we don’t have any admissions.  I hafta come in tomorrow and do weekend rounds but then I’m off Sunday and as MLK day is Monday and I’m at the VA and it’s a national holiday…well, here’s praying I won’t have to go in!  Yaaaay!

i’ve spoken with some of my friends and praying that my cruise is a go.  i’ve got to find more time to work on it though–that and getting internet access at the crib!

me and my inside world…


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