I’m In Love With My Attending….


Yup, I’ve fallen for a man who I shouldn’t be falling for.  He’s not that much older than me, most likely in his late 30s, thin as a beanpole, wears glasses and is Asian–as in far east Asian.  But he’s from Trinidad-Tobago–go fig.  He’s intelligent, easily cracks smiles and has a jaunty step.  He laughs at my jokes; finds me enthusiastic, a hard-worker, a great addition to the team, someone who will be difficult to follow and….funny.  He said all this and more.  I’ve got to stay away from the intelligent, introspective, somewhat introverted, notice everything but funny guys w/ quick smiles, quick jokes and challenging ways. 

Yeeeah.  Don’t ask…I don’t understand it myself, but there it is.

In other news, I got DSL today!  The package came in the mail and I set it up and bam, here I am.  Ready to rock and roll yall.  I can do all the wonderful fun and calming things I’ve been needing to do.  Some people need cable, their cell phone, their car–me, what I most need is my internet.  Such a nerd.

It’s like 60s now…the sun is shining down on my patio, the trees are a vibrant green and the sky is a pale blue.

I have to go to the post office then back to the hospital to do some delinquent dications and attend a meeting later on.  Aaaargh.  But hey, at least I’ve got DSL right?


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