chaotic nose hairs

i just came back from softball game w/the team from the psych er.  they tried hard but they’re older than the other guys by some years.  i amused myself greatly.

i now have a futon in my house.  this is a great and wonderful asset to the living room.  it has two mattresses.  i like to sleep in it from time to time–to spice up my life.  it’s nice to know that i can sleep either in my bedrom OR in my living room.  this makes me feel like i am living dangerously.

i would also like to have a few days away from work.  days that do not involve the parts of words such as “Sun” or “Sat”.  i would also like to win a million dollars and find myself a wealthy, humble, beautiful, believing, funny, amusing, culturally open, sensitive, communicative, warm, loving, loyal husband.  i think that it will be easier to do this than to have a day off that doesn’t involve the aforementioned parts, in particular “Sun” and “Sat”.

so i’m still crushing on my attending.  i’m chatting with a Desi (not my choice) who popped up randomly.  And what–oh irony of ironies– are we discussing?  he is lamenting the fact that he may have made the wrong decision to fall in with an arranged marriage.  why me?  i get DSL.  i start jumping from room to room (avoiding all things Desi) and i end up with one who really likes chatting with me.  this is what we in the business call “going around the block again”. 

in the recent weeks since i have become ill, i have started to smell tastes of food.  it can not be understood beyond the fact that i will smell a food.  i am convinced it has much to do with taste buds and nasal hairs that are chaotic.


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