i hate. you so much. right now!

last wekk i bumrushed the medical records office b/c i had 11 outstanding dictations.  i didn’t do them last year.  that’s okay.  i’ll deal.

but this week i have to redo 10 of the 11.  because they didn’t take.  and i’m the only one with this problem so CLEARLY i’m doing something wrong.  i’ve decided to go ahead and hate the dictation system anyway.

it’s a phone system where if you pause for too long it’s been known to hang up on you and leave you hanging.  what are we doing with a telephone system anyway?  i don’t know.  all i know is that i’m going to have to take myself over to med records AGAIN to re-do charts.  

they just put a chart in my box outside of my door in clinic.  i don’t want to see any more patients.  i want to go and finish dictations.

if they weren’t threatening to suspend our privileges for undictated charts i would be fine.  but they are.  so i’m not.

i just want to go home.  i want to disappear.  i’m in a foul mood.  i had a nightmare last night.  the telephone in the room, hanging on the wall is making strange noises.  i want to leave and go sit outside by the water. 

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