Soooo my life right now…

On a Claire Day
by Carla Ventresca, Henry Beckett
January 11, 2007
Today's Comic

So today, while at the clinic I saw a fellow intern whom I first met during orientation.  He’s nice, cute, sweet, soft-spoken, hard working and he gave me his email address telling me that as long as he and his family were in Miami, I would never be alone. Marvelous!

I always think of him randomly from time to time and all kinds of warm fuzzies bloom.  He’s the kind of guy who I would love to get to know better and whom I think would make a good boyfriend.  Right, so I saw him once last week and again today.  We were chatting at the end of the morning clinic session and he told me that he has my number in his cell phone–in fact I am the first number on tap when he looks at the contact list and every time he looks at it he tells himself: “i need to call her” but he never gets around to it.  (i’m real happy bout now) that he’s mentioned me to his girlfriend in regards to needing to hang out with me.




but being slick like that, i don’t miss a beat and nodding my headi say “yeah, we do need to hang out”.  real smooth. smile on my face. axe in my heart.


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