This past weekend J and I drove from MIA to hotlanta for the Gala at the ‘House.  Loved it!  My brother presented Mr Sidney Poitier!  He got to be his “bodyguard” for the day, ferreting him about and even enjoyed some private moments of political introspection during the afternoon.  In the e’en, he spoke on Mr Poitier’s amazing accomplishments and I was thrilled to be there!  Thrilled to see my brother being honored and thrilled to be there to SEE it.

I cried the next day.  I know, it’s strange, me crying; but I did.  I cried for all the struggle my brother has endured in his short 21 years.  I cried for the suffering through Mommy’s cancer, her death and the subsequent fall-out in our family.  I cried because I’ve wanted but not been able to shelter him from the seemingly endless adversity that he’s been dealt with and I cried because through it all, he’s been a trooper.  I don’t think I could ever be able to give to him a smidgeon of the hope he’s given to me; but I hope he knows just how much strength I get from him.

When he was born, I didn’t particularly know what to do with him but as he grew older he was always reaching out to me and it’s that which first melted my heart.  I have always been super protective of him, being 8 years apart and all; trying to guide, educate, encourage and comfort him  all the way through high school and now to his matriculation from he ‘House. 

I take my hat off to him!


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