30th BD Bash

I’ve been on vacation since Thursday.  I’m finally thawing out.

Over the weekend some of the ladies came down to share in my 30th birthday bash.  Two came in on Thursday night and the last one came on Friday night.  I should have taken more pictures.

I spent last week Monday walking up and down Collins Ave on SoBe looking for the perfect hotel room and found it at the Riviere Hotel.  It was the most darling hotel with an available suite that consisted of a Living Room (w/ twin bed, sofa, pull out cot, flat screen tv and closet); Bedroom (2 full beds), two dressers, large mirror, closet, touch lamp; newly renovated Bathroom with perfect shower pressure, TP and a welcome kit (which I needed to use); kitchen w/ oven, fridge, microwave, 2 coffee makers, pots, pans, dishes, mugs even and a dining room!  All for a whopping, are you ready for this?  $109 a night!  Can you believe my blessing?  I was beyond stoked!

Granted, I had found another hotel right next door that was pretty modern (open only 3 wks) but that was going for $155/night WITHOUT all the amenities that the Riviere boasted.  In short, it was the perfect hotel for a weekend on SoBe.

The ladies loved it and we even had an apt crasher one night! ;^D

Thursday night was picking up people night.  Friday we spent chillin’ at the crib and then checking in at the hotel.  We had to grab some food so we hit up the Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Washington for some sandwiches and ridiculously wonderful Smoothies.  The ladies enjoyed strolling up and down Washington and Lincoln Rd where we did some shopping.  The plan was for us to go out dancing buuuuut, the best laid plans….

After picking up U super late Friday night, I returned to three sleeping beauties so U and I walked about, grabbed some dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli where my okay Reuben went for $17!  I’ve had better Reuben’s at the hospitalcafeteria!  We did have an interesting run-in with what must have been a psychiatric patient.  There are a grip of them on SoBe.

Saturday we spent bumming in the hotel though later on U lamented that as lost sun-bathing time and readied ourselves for the private boat trip I scored for us.  While I was at first a bit miffed at the presence of two crashers, I got over it easily enough and spent the next 5 or so hours thoroughly enjoying myself on the choppy ocean. 


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