3:31 AM on Easter Sunday 24 hour Holiday Call

and a friend of mine who will be sitting for step 3 tomorrow can’t sleep.  so i’m giving her suggestions and thinking of scents for sleep. here’s a little of what i found…

One of the single most popular essential oils is lavender. This herb can be grown in your own garden. It’s a bushy plant with pale violet leaves that bloom all summer long. Among its varied uses, its good for digestion or as an anti-depressant, it has been found to be especially good at calming the nervous system, relaxing the body and enabling blissful sleep. You can use this essential oil in a warm bath or with a diffuser, which is also known as a mist maker.

From the chamomile plant only the flowers are used to make this excellent therapeutic essential oil. As a tea it is know to calm upset stomachs. Used in aromatherapy, it is at its best helping with those who suffer from insomnia. It has a fruity slightly sweet fragrance. Both the German and Roman chamomiles are good for this purpose.

Bergamot comes from citrus fruit rind. It does its job by relieving stress and enabling the subject to relax. It has a lovely citrus scent that will make you feel refreshed and give you that sense of well-being. Interestingly bergamot is the main ingredient in earl grey tea.

Sandalwood does indeed come from wood. To get the right intensity of oil from the trees they must be at least forty years old, but the older the better and a tree eighty years old will produce better oils. Sandalwood is a calming agent; it relieves nervous tension and helps you relax.

Lastly there is Mandarin, which has two different types of oil, one green and the other red. It has several advantages one of which is that it is gentle enough that you can use it with children as well as adults. Interesting the scent is closer to that of a bergamot oil and less like the tangerine it’s expected to smell like. Mandarin oil is a very successful treatment for sleep difficulties almost rivaling lavender.


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2 responses to “3:31 AM on Easter Sunday 24 hour Holiday Call

  • spokaloothezoo

    insomniac calling

    Clestial Seasonings (can be found in the super market) makes a good sleep tea called sleepy time tea. Badger balms makes a sleep balm made with i think all those scents except maybe Mandarin. Bath and body works sometimes carries a good sleep bath salt.
    so are you getting your doc. in psych?

    • ladylord

      Re: insomniac calling

      i’m already a medical doctor (got my MD last year).

      when we graduate from med school we decide what specialty of medicine we went to do (such as surgery, pediatrics, ophthalmology etc), in my case i decided to do psychiatry; hence i am currently doing my specialized training now and will be for the next 3 years.

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