water u

Thinking I was engaging him in conversation, I waited until he finished speaking and into what seemed like a proper pause I spoke; only to have him railroad over me.  This happened multiple times until in my at home post day analysis I realized that it would have been best if I had let him talk.

Washing my face tonight, I heard what sounded like a crash and turning off the faucet, soapy water dripping off my face I heard “Police, police!  Open the door and everybody down!” repeated 2-3x and the sound of a whimpering dog.  I sighed and thought to myself “I’ve got to move out of this place and SOON!”  In fact, I’m getting to the point that I’m almost willing to break my lease, have them keep my $750 security deposit and Bee-Ounce!  I mean it’s getting crazy here.

The number of police sightings has increased in the past month and a half and I can’t understand why they can’t sweep them out?  Does the rental office know that the po-po are always here?

neurology is quite boring.

plan is to go to PR in june w/ a group of ladies.  should be fun!  spent part of today w/ H–good times.  she got me two birthday presents from a store we encountered on our way to B&J.  she got me a bracelet and a necklace of gold coins.  both very nice.  i can’t quite describe the bracelet.

spent the past weekend in da burgh!  too much fun.  maybe i’ll blog about it.  who knows.

my AC stopped working but it’s not too hot in the apt. 


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