Cooking and Carpets

The carpeted apt I saw today was nice.  It needed a few alterations.  The guy who owns it wants to rent it while he’s looking for a buyer.  I was actually going to go through w/ putting up the escrow, signing the contract and turning in the application fee but I was told that the owner wants to have the condition that they have the option to show the apt 1-2 times a week until a buyer is found.

Now that strikes me as a bit rough.  Granted, the rent is super decent and the apt is in a nice complex that is much safer than the place I live in but it just seems very intrusive.  I mean, imagine I want to sleep/cook/have a party or whatever and 1-2 times a week, I get 24 hour notice that there will be a real estate agent coming through in a day.  That would entail me being a whole heck of a lot cleaner.  I don’t know, it doesn’t make me happy.  The realtor said that the way things are going there isn’t any place that is 100% free of the possibility that someone will buy out the apts and turn them into condos and they could have people coming through anyway. 

I told him to give me until Monday to think about it.  I’ve prayed about it.  I am believing that if this is the right place something will happen.  This is the 2nd time I’ve seen an apt in this complex in the past month and the first time the price tag was higher and they wanted an answer much sooner.  I’m so tired of thinking about this.  Rough city!

Unless you have bokoo bucks to throw down immediately for a nice apt in a nice area, you find yourself stuck in not so nice areas but at least your apt complex will be gated and secure.  This apt complex has lots of foliage, gates, pool, party room and parking spot and is maaaad close to the hospital campus w/o being right on top of it.  I’m torn between trying to look some more and snatching this one up. Dang.

In other news, I cooked today.  Exciting.  I haven’t cooked in MONTHS.  I made a Sausage Brunch Bake for my neuro team at the VA, baked Teriyaki chicken w/ green onions and corn beef stew.  I bought some plantain and some yucca.  I’m trying to live below my means now that I have to do all this expenditure in the next month you know? 


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One response to “Cooking and Carpets

  • tranquilo_vida

    wow theres no way I would consdier having someone come into my apartment like that! I am not a good enough house keeper! I would imagine there would be some risk of theft. So far I haven’t had to live in a housing market like that!

    The cooking sounds deliciouse!

    Also this is late but I saw your entry about the aniversery of your mother passing…I just have to say that I really admire that you have kept going and been so sucessful even after her death. I know a lot of people face that, well I guess we all do at some point, but I really admire the stregnth and courage it must have taken to get back on your feet that way!

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