Glamorous Lives Of Intriguing People

I saw Ocean’s 13 today.  Not as amusing as Oceans 12 but solid entertainment nonetheless. And you know what struck me the most about the movie?  It wasn’t the high fashion, the smooth and witty dialogue or the beautiful people.  It was the glamor of it all.

George Clooney.  Brad Pitt.  Matt Damon.  Andy Garcia.  Al Pacino.  Don Cheadle. Bernie Mac.  These are big name actors who demand salaries large enough to pay off the national debt of many an African nation!  These are headliners.  Celebrities whose every moves make news stands around the world! 

What would it be like to live like them for one month?  For 30 days to be pampered, petted and protected by fame, status and wealth?  What would it be like to drink champagne and have tables procured for them at the trendiest most difficult to receive access to restaurants, hotels and clubs in the world?  Just for 30 days…

To hop private planes.  To eat the most delicious of foods. To dine with the most distinguished.  Walk around my house in designer Manolos and then throw them away-because I can.

What good would I do for those 30 days?  What madness would I see?  Would I be ready to give it up by the end of the 30 days?  Or would I wish for one day more?


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