dumpling award

has to go to me for my dumplings.  i buy ’em from the local Korean grocery store, fry ’em up nicely in about a tablespoon of oil and then let simmer in a few tablespoons of water.  let them drain in a convenient red plastic colander coated w/ paper towel and add, piping hot to a large bowl of freshly cooked and spiced korean noodles and a large dose of kimchi and we’re skrait…

it’s vacation time here in the magic city.  i’m trying to rest.  it’s harder to do that though than first imagined given the fact that i normally awaken at 4am so sleeping until 7 or 8am is sleeping in.  go fig.

i have so much buzzing in my head normally and now when i would think it would come pouring out there’s not.  i do like alton brown’s good eatstop chef rocks too.  as i don’t have cable, i only watch these shows when hanging out at a friend’s house.  it keeps me from drowning in television and more focused on the ‘net.  jejeje  i think i’m missing other shows that i like, but so what?

most ponderingest question? why is the whole world marrying or producing children?

newest happiness?      http://www.ted.com!   exchange of ideas.  i just want to be able to go to a conference.

obsessive site?           http://www.facebook.com.  i don’t email as much as i used to b/c i’m keeping in touch via fbk

coolest hang-out?        barnes and nobles, sitting in a large chair w/ a comic strip book in hand & nothing but time

most spontaneous thought?  traveling to England–why not?

latest book?  one by Jan Karon set in Mitford: A New Song

saddest news? 
Madeleine L’Engle died Sept 6!

most disturbing reminder that black people are still hated in this country?
  JENA 6!


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