desi boy 3?

I’m not calling them.  Honest to goodness I’m not.

Remember Desi boy one (we’ll call him DB1)?  He was my the second love behind old college flame (OCF).  After DB1 cam DB2, whom I never crushed on but who may have harbored a slight partial particle of a sumpin sumpin for me.  I think about this only b/c of 2 comments:

One made when we were going/coming from an Italian restaurant: “You know it’s kind of funny and kind of wrong that I never took my old girlfriend out but here we are going out to an Italian restaurant”

The second made on the phone after I came here when he told me he was dating someone:
Me: “ooh, i leave and look at you!”
Him: “well, you’re the one who left…”

Uhm, when he said that my little radar went off, like hey hey hey…what’s that supposed to mean?  I think things through to many possible angles and that just sounded to me a little bit defensive.  Well, I guess you had to be there to hear how he said it.

Those comments and that fact that at one time he was calling me 6-10 times a day for like 5-10 minutes at a time…

Soooo, here I am working on the unit w/ four medical students a couple of weeks ago.  It feels like a 1000, but okay.  And I start talking to them all.  One of my colleagues comes up to say howdy and happens to know the one Desi in the group which leads me to join in on the fun b/c now this person has to be sort of cool right?

Well, today we ended up going out for lunch and talked for about 2 hours.  He has no one to eat indian food with so we were supposed to grab some buffet (Columbus day and we’re both off) but Kebab doesn’t open on Mondays!!!  We end up going to Chili’s.  We talk shop, talk about a girl he was dating (totally unsolicited by me), talk about Indians in this country, talk about his family, talk a little bit about me, talk about race and politics.

It’s a good convo and later on in the e’en whenI come back from seeing Mr Woodcock, I get a text about how much he enjoyed lunch and how we would def have to meet up for curry.

I’m not making this up.  And I am NOT feeling him.  I know it may seem kind of strange.  It’s not really.  I just happen to meet random Desi Boys who are just a tad bit different from the others.  It’s a big world right? 

Anyway, I get that sense he’s into the thin Hispanic/Indian women w/ long hair, impossibly long eyelashes and pouty smiles.  He’s also impossibly young!  He’s into drinking, driving fast cars (owns a silver Audi TT Roadster), driving around the country and thoroughly enjoying life. 

As I was coming back  from lunch to the crib to work on my case presentation, I thought that if only he were more mature, a Christian and less into thin Hispanic/Indian women maybe there could be something there that wasn’t there before.  Believe you me–DB1 pretty much burned away a lot of that “you’ve got that loving feeling”.  I won’t make that mistake again!  Besides, he’s impossibly young…

At least now that I’ve written them down these thoughts won’t be ricocheting in my head.


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