battle of the bulge

So I need to lose the weight.  

I fasted last month w/ my church so I lost a nice chunk of weight but I need to continue it.

It was much easier to not eat last month b/c I had consecrated myself to God for the 30 day period.  I’ve cut down on my portion sizes drastically and I don’t eat as much but still, I find myself sometimes eating stuff when I’m not super hungry.

I’ve also found out that meat makes my tummy feel really heavy but I like the taste, so I have to cut down on that too!

I keep telling myself that in the long run this will be better for me, but it’s hard.

I know it’s taken 30 years to become this big so it will take time to drop the weight.  And it’s going to take time to find a way to change my eating habits in such a way that I don’t feel like I’m totally depriving myself.

Today wasn’t the best day.  I had a thing of cereal, taco salad (very little meat) and half a sandwich.  I feel super full and kind of bad that I ate so much.  I still feel kind of guilty.

I know I need to work out more.  I  know…I know…I know…

pray for a sista….


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2 responses to “battle of the bulge

  • millennialhippy


    Whatever the weight or inches are, I still think you are 10x more beautiful than the average person! Everyone who sees my photos considers your portraits an obvious winner.

    • ladylord

      Aww, thank you so much! That just made my day,
      Lady K! You know everyone who sees those photos is ALWAYS blown away by their quality. You sooo rock!

      Miss ya, sending you warm tropical hugs!

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