and people do this regularly?

I went to Bongo’s tonight to meet up with some colleaguesto celebrate a birthday.  I had a Mojito.  ONE.  It tasted good.  I have had them before–but prior to last night and tonight I hadn’t had a mojito in quite some time (almost a year or so?)!!! 

So I drank it.  It was tasty.  I was sitting at the table w/ two of my colleagues and all of a sudden something weird happened.  My head felt kind of funny.  My eyes couldn’t focus very well.  The room seemed a little bit OFF.  I got worried.  I kept trying to open and close my eyes to see if I could clear up the confusion but they didn’t seem to want to work very well.  In fact my entire head seemed about to roll off my neck!!!!  The table was just a little bit crooked, the lights were soft already but now they seemed to be slightly too soft AND I COULDN’T FOCUS MY EYES!

It was pretty unnerving.  One of my friends texted me at that time and I told her I think I drank the Mojito too quickly.  She advised me to drink PLENTY of water…so I started furiously drinking water.  I ate TWO of the shrimp filled plantain cups (tiny appetizers) and almost all of the chicken stuffed w/ shrimp and yellow rice!  Then I drank a cafe con leche b/c I just kept thinking…




My friend offered her place to crash if I couldn’t make it home but thanks to the soaking, the dancing and the sweating, I was fine to drive home.

Oh my gosh!  It lasted all of like 20 minutes but believe you me, I am not touching another alcoholic beverage in a LOOOONG time!  I got a little scared and other people in this world drink like this ALL DA TIME!  Man, I’m going back to being abstinent!!!  Cranberry juice ALL THE WAY BABY! 

I am now drinking as much cold water as my stomach can handle and I popped a couple of Excedrin ’cause you never know.  LOL, reminds me of when I was in da burgh and my roommate and I used to pop some Advil prior to going out dancing b/c we would dance so hard our bodies would hurt the next day.  Man, I once danced so hard my TOENAILS hurt! 

At the end of our meal, the server mentioned to my friend in Spanish that he remembered me from earlier this summer, that I could dance and in fact I was one of the best dancers he had ever seen!!!!  He kind of flipped to English half way through it so I could understand and boy was I amazed!

Later on I asked one of my colleagues–who had come strictly for the dancing–when we last came altogether and she said that it had been in late July!!!  Imagine that!  Here’s a guy who has seen MANY people come and go in that restaurant and of ALL those people, he remembers ME??!!  And how well I danced?  To the point that it’s been July, Aug, Sept and now October–almost four months–and he remembered me!!!!

Whoa!!  Gotta get a patent on my body! 

Wonder if one of these days I’ll be able to dance w/ him?  He seems like he can dance (at least from watching him move around the tables and do a little sumpin sumpin).  It’s always nice to find someone who is willing to dance and actually dance w/ them.  No worries about how you look or how they look.  Just pure musical enjoyment manifested by swaying bodies!

I’ve had a good time these past two nights going out and dancing.  It’s been fun!


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One response to “and people do this regularly?

  • Anonymous

    mojitos and such

    Former advil-poppin roomie here. =)

    Girl, I FEEL you when it comes to the drinks. I had an appletini Sat night and got happy. REAL happy. Like giggling at everything kinda happy. Now, two girly things I have an aversion to- stupid crying and girly giggling for no reason. Which.. there was no reason. Freaked me the snot out.

    So I ordered a tall glass of water (which cost $1… freakin’ thieves) and proceeded to dilute the contents of my stomach. Took awhile, but got there. I think we’re the welterweights of the boozin world dude.

    And that’s ok. šŸ˜‰


    p.s. Yay for having fun!!

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