A day w/o contact

Today was the first day of my new rotation.  Quite busy too…

And it was one of those days when I have little to no contact outside of work issues w/ people.  My whole day was wrapped up in work.  On my way home, I called 10 people.  Of all of them, I heard from 4!  And the conversations were super brief.  None of them provided me w/ that “pick-me-up” that I was looking for when I called.

I realize that I need to get out of my house.  I need to go out more often–so I decided to start w/ my brown people (so many Latins here it can be overwhelming at times).  So I googled “first fridays” in the magic city and didn’t come up w/ much.  I even tried “where black people hang out” as a starting point for a place of convergence–not much to choose from.  I know I need to get out of my house more often.  It’s getting to be too much w/ the isolationism.

In fact I’ve gotten to that hermit like existence where I’m not cleaning up the house, dishes stay unwashed for a few days, mail is unopened and laundry waits.  Why?  I come home, I surf, I go to bed.  I wake up, go to work-work-work-come home, surf and then go to bed.  I’m going to bed around 9ish and get home around 6ish so you can see where the 2.5-3 hrs worth of me time can be wrapped up in the internet.  It’s been one of my sole points of contact w/ other humans who know me pre-MD days.  I look forward to fbk.  How sad.

Why my brown people?  I’m telling you; Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married” most definitely had something to do with it all.  When I was in da burgh, I had a whole host of friends and from all over the world.  I had so much diversity that it never struck me as odd–it just was the way it was and I had a community of like-minded brown folk who understood the struggle of being black in this country and in the world.  We got together and acted like a support system.

Now that I’m here in the magic city, more busy than I’ve ever been in my ENTIRE life, more tired, more pissy (at times), more isolated, more consumed by work, seeing more of the creepy crawly and sometimes downright in your face discrimination; well, I’m missing my brown people even more.

I saw Perry’s movie and w/ all the drama, it reminded me of how good it can be to be around people who look like you, feel what you say when you say it…the older I get the more I realize how much difference makes in relationships.  The more I begin to understand that sometimes you need to be not just where people know your name, but where they understand the GAME you have to play (whether you want to or not).

Sometimes it’s crazy being around brown folk–dealing w/ all the madness–but sometimes it’s super cool and super necessary.  I miss my Africans!  I miss my Afro/African-Americans…  Woo boy!  I gotta get plugged into some kind of community…


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2 responses to “A day w/o contact

  • liondaughter

    It’s unexpected to me to think of Pittsburgh as more diverse and tolerant than Miami. I wouldn’t have expected that. Especially after listening to the venting of one of my racist therapy patients. *sigh* Anyway I hear and appreciate what you’re saying. I wish you were here. I couldn’t help out with the needing brown company, but we could help each other be a little less lonely and isolative.


    • ladylord

      Well, Miami is more diverse than da burgh and ANYTHING goes in this crazy city but there’s more of a willingness to be FRIENDLY in da burgh. People aren’t into friendliness here, whereas in da burgh I met people everywhere: at the buckles, at somebody’s party, at Wal-Mart, at the bus stop, at Giant Eagle, on the bus, you know? Here it’s more diverse but w/o the openness, so it’s harder to take advantage of that. And most of the Latins don’t speak to the non-Latins (it’s a Spanish thing).

      Don’t get me wrong, da burgh has its share of issues and I wanted to get out of there; but it also was much easier to find a community to belong to, partly b/c it was so small. If you had certain interests you ended up finding the same people attending those events and you slowly got to know them, would hang out w/ them and then sometimes become friends–but you could at least have that human contact by chatting.

      Then it could have been b/c I was in grad school you know? I mean, people come and go in that city. You meet lots of people but then they leave so it’s possible that this closeness could have been inherent to being in graduate school NOT in the professional world?

      Then again I was in da burgh for 7 years. It’s easier to get to know people once you establish basic connections that extend to other people. I guess I’ve never had to work so hard to get out and do things! I’ve always had 1-2 people who were willing to go out and they had 1-2 people who were willing to go out etc etc

      There are so many factors. Who knows? This could be a conglomeration of TONS of factors!

      miss ya too…

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