Hair grows slowest at night and fastest in the morning.

About 1,000 new soft drinks are launched in Japan every year, of which only a small number survive.

The color in a butterfly’s wings does not come from pigment but from absorption and reflection of light in the wing scales.

67% of Americans do not trust American media.  http://www.stage6. com/Liberty/ video/1689872/

The administrative code of New York City still requires that hitching posts be located in front of City Hall.

Texting (SMS) is a 100 Billion dollar a year industry.  It equals the hollywood movie box office revenues, the global music industry revenues and videogaming revenues around the world. Combined.
http://gthing. net/the-true- cost-of-sms- messages/

Elk Horn, Iowa is the largest Danish settlement in the US.

Cherrapunji, in India, received 67 feet of rain in 1861. The 812.88 inches of rain is about fifteen times what Vancouver, British Columbia receives each year and is about double what Cherrapunji receives normally.

The word “dude” was coined by Oscar Wilde and his friends.  It is a combination of the words “duds” and “attitude”.

The black seeds found inside a papaya are edible and have a spicy, pepper-like flavor.

There are a total of 4,378 generic characters that were available for the animators to pull from library when making crowd scenes in “Shrek The Third“.

The largest butterfly in the world is the Giant Birdwing from the Solomon Islands. The female can have a wing span of over 12 inches.

Americans eat less than one serving of fruit and only 1.5 servings of vegetables per day. 45% eat no fruit, and 10% don’t eat either fruit or vegetables.

Tiger Woods took his first swing at a golf ball when he was nine months old.

The Chinese discard 3,000,000,000 plastic bags each day.  http://www.cnn. com/2008/ WORLD/asiapcf/ 01/09/ch

The U.S. will phase out 100-watt incandescent bulbs starting in 2012, 75-watt bulbs in 2013 and 60-watt bulbs in 2014.

New Jersey has 108 toxic waste dumps, the most of any state.

Central Park has 9,000 benches, 36 bridges and arches, 21 playgrounds and 125 drinking fountains.

A hemidemisemiquaver is a sixty-fourth note.

More than 110,000 marriage licenses are issued in Las Vegas each year. There are no blood tests and no waiting period. The Marriage License Bureau is open from 8 a.m. til midnight, Sunday through Thursday and 24 hours a day on Friday and Saturday. The most popular wedding days are New Year’s Eve and St. Valentine’s Day.

40% of people admitted to checking email in the middle of the night. http://tinyurl. com/2axyqv

The first wheeled roller coaster was invented in 1784 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Waves hit the shore with a force of about 50 pounds per square inch.

Nuclear-powered attack submarines can dive to 2,000 feet.   http://www.wired. com/wired/ archive/12. 12/dive.html

Safety Harbor, Florida is the home of the historic Espiritu Santo Springs, given this name in 1539 by the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto. He was searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth. The natural springs have attracted attention worldwide for their curative powers.

Rhythm and syzygy are the longest English words without vowels.

On April 5, 1978, triplets were born to an Israeli Arab at the Assaf Harofeh Hospital. The parents named the triplets Carter, Begin and Sadat.

The names of over half the states come from Native American languages. Utah is the Ute tribe’s name for themselves while Kentucky means “planted field” in Iroquois.

In trucking circles, a “bumper sticker” is a tailgater.

Desi Arnaz‘s best friend in high school was Al Capone, Jr.

Potato chips are the top selling snack in the U.S. They are a part of lunch 32% of the time, and dinner 18%.

Hawaii has its own time zone (Hawaiian Standard Time).

Temperatures can drop 20 degrees or more near totality during a solar eclipse.

Kris Kristofferson, Rhodes Scholar, was a military helicopter pilot and gold glove boxer.

In Fruita, Colorado the town folk celebrate “Mike the Headless Chicken Day”. A farmer named L.A. Olsen cut off Mike’s head on September 10, 1945 in anticipation of a chicken dinner and Mike supposedly lived for 4 years without a head.

A teabag making machine has about 2,500 moving parts.

Some of the names considered by Walt Disney for “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs“: Scrappy, Doleful, Crabby, Wistful, Dumpy, Soulful, Tearful, Snappy, Helpful, Gaspy, Gloomy, Busy, Dirty, Awful, Dizzy, Shifty and Biggy-Wiggy

The term “dashboard” dates back to horse-and-buggy days when dashing horses kicked up mud, splashing the passengers riding behind them. The dashboard was devised to protect them and the term carried forward to the horseless carriage.

Georgia is the nation’s number one producer of the three Ps–peanuts, pecans, and peaches.

Water forms a floating bridge when exposed to high voltage.
http://www.physorg. com/news11019184 7.html

40% of Americans plan their vacations around having e-mail access.
http://tinyurl. com/2axyqv

According to the British Medical Journal, every cigarette smoked by a person knocks 11 minutes off their life.

A mickey is the ratio of computer mouse movement to onscreen cursor movement.

The US government spends more on interest than on homeland security, education and healthcare combined.
– “Maxed Out”

The body has 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

Savannah, Georgia was founded in 1733 as a haven for British debtors.

At the Pasadena Playhouse, Gene Hackman and classmate Dustin Hoffman were voted the two least likely to succeed.

Mosquitoes are attracted to blue 2x as much as other colors

Mona Lisa doesn’t have any eyebrows b/c back in them days not having ’em was a sign of beauty.

On average people buy new shoes every 1.6 years, but throw out shoes every 3.7 year.

49% of New Yorkers believe 9/11 was planned.  http://www.stage6. com/LoneWolf/ video/2221782/

A new species of octopus was found 8,500 feet below sea level. http://www.wired. com/wired/ archive/12. 12/dive.html

Texas state commissioner of agriculture Jim Hightower, in a speech to the Dallas Chamber of Commerce in March 1986, declared that “The only difference between a pigeon and the American farmer today is that a pigeon can still make a deposit on a John Deere”.


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