colin firth played the best mr darcy ever

and i have always been in love w/ colin firth

and now i’m even more in love

if i was elizabeth bennet today, being an md, fitzwilliam darcy would have to be the most arrogant attending neurosurgeon ever.  he would have to come from a long line of doctors.  and he would most likely be caucasian.  he would have to be supremely arrogant and i would have met him at an AMA conference or something like that and seen him about b/c one of my friends would be friends w/ one of his friends.  wouldn’t that be interesting?

in the past month i have watched 3 different versions of pride and prejudice.  i love keira knightely as miss eliza bennet and matthew macfadyen as darcy.  i love her energy.  and i think the scenery, music and general cinematography is beautiful!

but i must admit the one closest to my heart is Andrew Davies’ BBC version.  there was a comment during the extras of andrew davies’ version and colin felt that he wasn’t sexy enough and did not have the “look” of darcy but his whole aura was so completely darcy that they had to have him. and so i agree!  the fact that it was a multiple episode allowed for me to watch the unfolding drama between the characters.  so much depth!  so much action!

the 3rd one probably is the one which is the must dull and perhaps the truest to the disagreeableness of the lydia and kitty, the foolishness of mrs bennet and the absolute laissez-faire of mr bennet.  nonetheless each version does a good job of pairing the hero and the heroine.

no matter what, mrs bennet has got to be one of the most foolish characters i have ever come across.  no matter how you slice it or dice it she’s obnoxious!

i have watched 2 versions of sense and sensibility: one starring James Fleet, Tom Wilkinson, Harriet Walter, and Kate Winslet and the other one starring Irene Richard, Tracey Childs, Diana Fairfax, and Peter Woodward.  of the two, though the former is more modern, i do believe the latter is truer and therefore my favorite.

i have seen 2 versions of mansfield park.  i only like one of them – the one starring Jackie Smith-Wood, Robert Burbage, Sharon Beare, and Neville Phillips.  the other one felt very choppy to me.

bleak house.   that was truly an excellent production!  i would highly suggest anyone who loves good cinema to rent this.


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