inspired prose

Written while sitting in front of exhibit at MFAH

others will roam…filling eyes, ears with other people’s birthings
but I – I am only filled with my own need to birth
the nascent love pangs before the birth
achingly wonderful and sweet

the longing to return to my own Eden
space of lightness
where the forms take themselves none too seriously

they weave

pouring their essences
like molten lava to be cooled
by the ocean breeze of my mind

Written on Museums In General

Images speak without words
You know because you feel
You feel because some how it’s been there
All along
In your dreams where
Heightened senses make the bizarre
More real than Reality
You know, you can get lost at this picture show

Written while sitting in front of “The Oxbow, Flooded, At the End of the Day” by S. Hannock

man carves on nature yet nature – aware- grows and is not paralyzed
on this quiet morning with a slight chill in the air, a few birds hailing one another
nature is barely kissed by morning rays as the sun rises into the heavens

Written while sitting in front of “Perry and Pamela” by A. Katz

He doesn’t see
She can’t have
But the dance continues
Longing scars them both

On the Poet

It is a poet’s nature to be touched by everything deeply only to be plagued by desire to deeply express everything


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