moving through the rains

Hurricane season is upon us.  It has been cloudy today.  Lightning in the background.  Rumbling thunder in the distance.  I walk about with my black umbrella, aware of but not scared.  It’s hurricane season.  It’s supposed to be strange.  I’ve gotten used to the tropical nature of this place – to the dual seasonality of the year.  I have come to prefer cloudy rainy season to the amorphous greyness that covers the midwest during any part of any season.  Here, I know that the clouds mean rain.  There is an verb with this noun.  Up north, not so much.  The greyness can hang around for days – the sun never seeping through, leaving the spirit disoriented.  Is it 10am or 5pm?  You can’t tell.  

I’m moving next month during prime hurricane time.  I’ve got a total of…drum roll please…TWO smallish boxes that I plan to pack with books.  I’ve asked one of the maintenance guys w/ whom I am friendly to set aside some boxes for me.  That reminds me, I need some duct tape to reinforce the boxes.  I’m still in the process of assembling all that my contract requires but I am assured that this apt is FOR ME.  There can be no doubt in my mind that this place was hand picked for me.  None at all.

The pastor last night at Revival mentioned that there is a “test” in testimony – so true.  A few months ago I prayed for an apt w/ certain specifications:

1) I didn’t want to go LOOKING for the apt.  No agent.  No online.  No newspaper.  No nothing.  I wanted the apt to come to ME.
2) Closer to the hospital WITHOUT being on top of the hospital.  I need to feel like I can BREATH!
3) Consisting of max 5-6 floors.  Can’t STAND high rises
4) Having a washer/dryer in the building.  My buiding doesn’t have one so I take myself to the coin laundry.
6) Gated
6) Pool
7) On the water
8) White tiled
9) Perhaps a condo that someone was willing to rent to me
10) Perhaps of the quality that other professionals lived there
11) The rent wouldn’t be prohibitive
12) Places to put my decorative items

But I wished for a washer/dryer in the actual apt itself.  This was merely a wish.  One of those, “wouldn’t it be nice” addendums to my prayer that I didn’t ACTUALLY pray.  I then decided not to continue to pray about it but to praise God for already GIVING it to me.

Three weeks ago while on my night float, my colleague informed me that one of the ER nurses needed to find someone to rent her condo which was less than 3 minutes away by car.  I told him I was looking to move.  I got in touch w/ her and went to the apt.  It had EVERY SINGLE QUALIFICATION I was looking for down to the white tiles and washer and dryer set IN the apt!  I mean, talk about God answering prayers.  Talk about God being in the details!  She redid her bathroom too, a la Mediterranean marble style!  And there’s a screen on the balcony!  Talk about taking care of business.  I’ve always wanted a screen on my balcony so that I could enjoy the outside w/o worry about mosquitos and such.

She recently lost her husband and couldn’t afford both the condo and the house down south so she’s moving into the house and needed someone professional (hopefully a resident) to lease the condo from her.  The first person she asked turned around and asked me – and I was the first person he asked.  It all fell into place.  PRAISE BE TO THE LORD GOD, THE MOST HIGH GOD WHO LOVES HIS CHILDREN and WHO HEARS US WHEN WE CALL!

So after meeting w/ her Monday, I’ve been collecting stuff.  I’m waiting for two character reference letters from friends (I need three).  I’ve gotten my police report, bank statement, letter from my current landlord and letter of employment.  Then I’ll get the money order, meet w/ my new landlady to sign the contract and be done.  I refuse to entertain the awful thought that the management won’t allow me to rent her condo (my credit ain’t the best)!  It’s too wretched.  Instead, I’ll continue to praise God for his marvelous means and look for a red sleeper sofa.

I am enamored with the idea of a red sleeper sofa.  As the apt is smaller than my current one, I won’t have much furniture but I do need something for people to sleep and sit on given that I will be having guests.  It’s wonderful!  So, I surfed a few days ago for a red sleeper sofa.  They’re rather expensive actually.  Somewhere between $400-$600 but it’s what I want and I won’t skimp on it.  Until I get it, I’ll put my black Wal-Mart futon in the LR.  No 2nd best anymore!


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5 responses to “moving through the rains

  • liondaughter

    Do you need another letter?

    And God is awesome. šŸ™‚

    • ladylord

      actually, i’ve got two out of 3 in my hand. i need one more and that’s coming in the mail…thanks!!!!

      re GOD – HE ROCKS!

      btw, where can i get more icons for my lj? i finally bought it (it’s all mine and whatnot) so i can get those icon thingies to express myself but i don’t know how to get them and save them and whatnot…help?

      • liondaughter

        Oh, I’ve just found them different places. From communities and other users and such. But a lot of the ones I have are from pictures I like. You can upload and crop them all on LJ. Do you know what kind of icons you want?

      • ladylord

        not really. i just want a whole bunch that express emotions you know? i really like the ones i have but want more…i have more emotional states

  • calixtan

    wow, that’s really excellent
    yay for good things…

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