Random Email Sent to Random Penpal Found Randomly

>Subject: Wednesday Willow Wind
>Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 06:53:26 -0700 (PDT)
> I’m doing well. Thanks. Currently checking email while on training call
>at the hospital. It’s starting to head into hurricane season here and
>hopefully we won’t have any, just some tropical storms b/c we really need
>the rain. It’s getting to the point where the authorities are thinking of
>checking everyone’s water bills and making quotas so that if you run over,
>you have to pay extra fees.
> I enjoyed Christmas. I worked on Christmas Eve till Christmas morning
>so I slept a bit and then went over to a friend’s for dinner. Thatwas
>Yup, I’m single. Most of what I’ve been up to is working. My hours are
>pretty long so when I come home I spend my time either going out to dinner
>w/ friends or watching random DVDs. I get one full free weekend a month
>and the other weekends I have to work at least once (either on Sat/Sun) so
>my time is spent relaxing. I do enjoy eating out and try to find nice
>places to go eat dinner.
>Recently I’ve been trying to travel more. I’ve been to Atlanta to see my
>brother, Pittsburgh to see old friends and I’ll be going to Atlanta again
>for my brother’s graduation and to San Juan Puerto Rico in June for
>vacation. After I turned 30 this year (late March) I realized that my
>wanderlust wasn’t getting any smaller and my earth time wasn’t getting any
>longer so I decided to make sure that I do more traveling, even if it’s
>just to another state!
>How have you been?


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