waiting for lunch

J and I went to get Indian buffet at Kebab.  Good, good, good!  I gorged on Goat and Chicken curry, NAN, daal, NAN, mango lassi, nan and chai w/ nan.  oh did i mention i ate nan?  there was another dish but i can’t remember.  i didn’t eat any tandori b/c it tends to be a bit dry (no matter what restaurant i go to).  we hung out and then i drove her car around while she lounged on the passenger side b/c she was too full to move (heehee) i wouldn’t mind going there again today if i could find someone to go with…sigh….we talked about all kinds of stuff – even stuff non-related to psych and it was LOVERLY!

later on i spoke w/ A.  we had a good convo about the oil industry, lack of companions, my issues in residency and her issues at work.  i don’t know how long we chatted but it was good for me to have adult convos that weren’t completely surrounding work.

i was able to gchat w/ the lil bro earlier this am and he seems to be doing overall alright.  he hasn’t gotten out as much as he would like but that’s cuz he’s actually working ;^)  oh well, i hope he can enjoy himself small small!

i’m feeling a little better today then yesterday.  convinced the fellowship of people who love me, continuous sleeping in bed (at VA and at home) and above all, the Lord is strengthening me.  i can feel my spirits have risen.  i just need to continue to rest myself.


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